Monday, August 31, 2009

The search is on for a UHU Gluer

Would you like to be a UHU gluer? Here's the skinny, according to the UHU blog:

"Bloggers interested in becoming a UHU Gluer must:
1) Have an active blog where she/he posts regularly about craft projects (Craft diversity is great - any and all specialties are invited and encouraged!)
2) Must be in the U.S. or Canada - our program can only send samples to these places
3) Must be willing to use and promote UHU for projects on your blog and this gluewithuhu blog and encourage more folks to check out this blog and use UHU."

If you qualify, please go to the UHU blog and send Sarah an e-mail by or before September 10.
The gluers (myself included), along with Sarah and Rose, who both work for UHU, will pick FIVE finalists.

Each of the five will receive this autumn themed craft kit, along with four types of UHU glue. Finalists will be required to use the above materials, but may also use materials they have on hand as long as they do not spend any more than an additional $10 to complete the challenge.

Finalists will send photos of their projects which will be posted on the UHU blog. The new UHU Gluer will be announced the first week in October. The new Gluer will pick the free UHU sample for October and highlight a project on the UHU blog using it. ANY and ALL STYLES are welcome.

TIP: Those of you who read my blog are more than likely altered artists and might feel the materials they have to use are too "scrapbooky" or not your style. Well, I have to admit, if I had to use these pieces, they wouldn't be my style either. However, you can always paint the scrapbook paper, color or sand the buttons (even stick them inside crushed bottle caps), and dry brush gesso over the papers. No one says you can't alter the paper and the other materials you will receive. Use your gel pens, oil pastels, watercolors, fluid acrylics, glazes, or even fabric to change the feel of the piece.

I'm not sure how I'd handle the scarecrow, but I believe I'd find a cabinet card or magazine image and cut the head off the scarecrow and replace it with a more "vintage" image, then mount it on a sheet of vintage sheet music and go from there. So don't be turned off by the materials. They can always be altered to YOUR style, and you can use those found objects you've been saving for just this project.

Remember, though, you MUST have an active blog that focuses on artistic endeavors and live in the US or Canada.

2 thoughtful remarks:

Corinne said...

Hi darling lady! I applied! thanks so much for your post on ABC and your blog! xxoo

Robin said...

So glad you mentioned that because I agree with you about the scrapbooky type stuff they are providing...gesso and ink/paint can doctor almost anything:)