Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dream, a spread in my Hands AB

I found these hands in a magazine and knew I wanted to use the nail polish image as the inspiration to write a message. I also knew I had some old fabric paint from the 1980s that would be a close match color wise.

I found the paint, shook it well, even put out a small amount on a test sheet to get the air out, then started writing the word "Dream." I had the "D" written and all was well, then I started on the "rea" and the worst thing that could happen did. A huge amount of paint squirted out of the tiny tip. How so much paint could explode onto the page from that fine point is beyond me, but it did. I tried to wipe it up, but of course the black showed everything. I didn't have a wet rag or anything handy, so wiping it up became a challenge (and a mess), too. Although I was truly disappointed with the way this spread was going, especially since I had used one of the lovely black sheets Donna had gifted me with, I kept going. It took three days for the paint to completely dry. At least I've learned one thing from this spread. No matter how much prep work you do to write with paint, there's still a chance it won't behave as you hope.

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Debrina said...

Neato!!! I love the concept Bluebeard's mum! And guess what I had to withdraw from my library the other day? That's right...a book on the Renaissance...
I need your address so I can send you some mail art, me thinks...(no obligation to return the compliment, of course!)
Can you email me your addy at:

PS. I can't remember whether I've asked for your addy before? (for the same reason of course...) Forgive me if I have. My brain is so not what it used to be...