Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A tarot card in my Hands AB

This spread came about as a result of three disparate incidences.
1. Linda Findley gifted me with this lovely tarot card.
2. My Wichita art buddy Dana's latest project involved cutting squares and turning them into a frame.
3. Seth Apter created a travel journal that I thought looked like it was made from handmade paper. Although Seth assured me it was cold press watercolor paper, it got me thinking I don't use my handmade paper enough in my art.

Since I don't have red paint that is truly RED like in the tarot card, I went to my magazines and found images of Tiffany lamps that had the yellows, reds, and greens found in the card.

I began by laying down some of my green handmade paper, which didn't turn out so green in the scan, then added the small squares which I purposely didn't try to line up in a matchy-matchy way. Finally, I added the tarot card and fell in love with this simple spread.

7 thoughtful remarks:

Linda Manning Findley said...

looks good "E" ... wish I had time to read all of your blog ... keep putting all this great stuff out there I will get caught up sometime soon ..... Linda F

Dianne said...

wonderful! yes, your handmade paper should show up more often!

Debrina said...

This is fantastic stuff! Boy am I glad I found you and Bleubeard!!!

Anonymous said...

this is fabulous! i'm so glad i came to check you out.

did you make the paper yourself?

Julie said...

Great treasure..isn't this fun?

KV Creative Designs said...

Your Journal looks Awesome! Thank you for your kind words about my ASL bracelet.
Artful Blessings,

Mar said...

this turned out really nice! we should all use our special stuff more often
make more!
you have me thinking!!