Wednesday, July 1, 2009

RoShamBo: Gestures in my Hand AB

Who doesn't love Rock, Paper, Scissors? Game of chance, game of luck, game of psychology, game of statistical probability? Regardless, it's a game of gestures.
This is most of the full page spread. The background is scrapbook paper, over which I layered a black and white magazine image.

The gestures came from a testing pamphlet,
and the three images representing RoShamBo came from a book of gestures. The sticker letters came from Cindy McMath and I've had them for several years. I was down to the last few of the letters, so had to substitute the "RO" with vinyl letters.

2 thoughtful remarks:

Seth said...

Really nice. I don't often see black and white pages and this one just works!

Mary said...

I love this page Elizabeth. I love that you kept it black and white.