Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Palm reading: another Hand AB spread

I adapted this spread from a swap I was in back in 2004. All images were printed, then layered over a background made from a daily school page I hand dyed with left over Rit dye.

The large hand inside the pocket was printed in black, while the background and pocket images were printed in color. this sets the hand apart from the background.

The "Palmstry" images are both pockets and help tie the two pages together. The top pocket image was repeated on the tag backs. The actual pockets are hidden on the side behind the images, which protrude over the page edge.

The front of the tags tells everything about palm reading, while the hand tag has a strip of images on both sides that flip out.

These are the tag backs and the hand in the position the viewer sees it when it is removed from the pocket.

4 thoughtful remarks:

Anonymous said...

This spread is amazing! the combination of images, tags & fold-outs is unique and fun...very well composed.

Dianne said...

ok, fingers slipped, the above comment is from me...anyway, I love this!

Seth said...

More great pages. I love hands as a symbol and you have used them so well here!

cindy McMath said...

Love these pages Elizabeth - everything from your colour choices to imagery is spot on. Fabulous!

Cindy :)