Monday, June 29, 2009

My second set of Anniversary pages: some assembly required

This is one side of my second set of Anniversary pages. As much trouble as I've had with these, I'm not sure I even want to send them. I love the backgrounds I created using plastic grocery bags I cut in half and used instead of cling wrap. Other than that, I followed the same directions, but found I liked the results better using the grocery bags..

I carved a very nice cake out of a potato, stamped it ONCE, and promptly lost it! I carved another potato into a not-so-nice cake. This time I felt it looked more like a top hat than a cake. However, time was beginning to run out and I had to use it. A few of the cakes look like the one on the left, but more than most look like the one on the right!!

Next I got out an Anna Griffin clear stamp "6" and my acrylic block and set out trying to stamp a six that would show on the page. I finally settled for silver, but it doesn't show well in the scan. As I was stamping, the stamp kept falling off the acrylic block. It wouldn't stay on and I've had trouble with this set since the very first time I tried to stamp anything with it. Can't say I'm fond of them, but they were a gift, so I can't complain. However, I really wish I knew why these stamps don't stay on a block.

Finally, I used my red Zig pen to make a "flame" on the "6." Did I mention I can't draw even the most simple shapes? Did I mention I love the backgrounds?

So is this the front or the back? I will leave that to the swapper.

Last week I showed this photo of my 2nd set of skinny pages. I failed to mention there was SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED.

Here is the actual skinny page as it will appear when the swapper unwraps his/her package. This is also what it will look like after the swapper does some work on it! Did I mention some assembly is required?

As for the design, it was a combination of inspiration from Dana and prodding by Donna. For the background, I started by brushing gesso over the card stock. I wanted texture on the pages, so made swirls and heavy brush strokes. When dry, I brushed gold glaze on the pages, then took a sponge and added more texture.

The seersucker on the left is the lovely material I bought to make these little surprises. After tearing it wrong, I used a slippery polyester blend from my very limited material stash, which was as close to the right color as I could get. Right color, wrong material.

These two were tied with bows and took me 23 minutes to do these two. My fingers cramped and I had to take a break after only two bows. Then the light bulb came on. What is the FIRST thing the swapper will do when s/he gets the package. Come on now, I know you know the answer. Say it louder!! Yep, they will UNTIE THE BOW and look inside. It was insane to spend all that time trying to tie a bow that left my arthritic hands cramped for hours, when none of it would be appreciated in the end.

So I did the only "honorable" thing (grin) and tied the ribbon once and taped it to the material. Now each swapper can open his/her package, then tie his/her own bow and fiddle with getting the material straight, etc.

I began by sewing background paper left over from the other side, to the material.

Then I glued the burnt lids and the word "six" to the paper. However, the little packages are too wide for every conceivable binding process, even a single hole punch. Therefore, the swapper gets to not only tie his/her own bow, s/he gets to place it on the background after punching holes. As I said in the very beginning, I almost wish I hadn't started these. A really cute concept turned into a nightmare for me and added work for the swappers. OH well, I'm sure that in a year or five, I'll look back on this skinny page and laugh!

3 thoughtful remarks:

Cindy McMath said...

Well I can't wait to see these in person Elizabeth - everything looks intriguing.

PS - I think your top hat's on fire - LOL Just kidding, I think it looks like a lovely cake. Maybe it's a nice "diet sized" cake just for me?!

Can you believe I'm already planning how I'm going to have birthday cake in just over a month without going "way" overboard?!

Cindy :)

Dianne said...

the can lids are now revealed! this is really a clever idea...if only the lids had been a bit smaller...well, you know all of us are do-it-yourself-ers, so it will work out great! I'm glad you didn't give up!

Mary DW said...

Your efforts were well worth it, Elizabeth, because now I have a story to go along with your card. I like that a lot. Mary DW