Thursday, May 7, 2009

Joseph "Panhead" Peck brings sunshine to Wichita

It's the first day we've had sunshine in days. The sun came out right before Joseph arrived. I know I should have put this post on my personal ramblings blog, but I haven't updated it in so long, I'm about ready to "retire" it.

After helping unload his car, I took photos of the sunshine and he got settled in.

Soon he was on a mission to document his band flyer for his Facebook page.

I just had to take a photo as the trash packer was roaring by the normally quiet street.

Joseph has such an eye for art. Rust is (after all) rust.

I'm sure the photo he took with his I-phone is better than mine, but you can't beat rust for a background.

Of course, no matter how close I got to the flyer, my camera still couldn't capture the image, only the water standing in the street and the rust from the car.

Joseph gave me the idea, so I had to see what it looked like from my camera lens.

These are some of the gigs he has booked this weekend and next week.

Lo and behold, Scott showed up with origami toys in hand.
While Joseph read his e-mail and searched for something on the web, Bleubeard kept him company.

Here Scott is reading to Joseph and Bleubeard, while I'm taking photos of "the boys."

Then they began to pace and enjoy the sunshine which we haven't seen much of in weeks. You can see how well my garden is doing in between the two fellows.

Later it got too warm to be outside. Ironic as that sentence sounds for May, the high yesterday was about 85 and I'm a wimp when it comes to heat.

Scott brought his origami toys for us to play with. Many are made from US currency.
Joseph showed us the photo he captured from his phone as he was whizzing by the sign on his way into town,

and I got creative with all the drink glasses on the table. Is it any wonder I don't have time for art? At least I didn't have to suck water! Hurray for the sunshine, and for Joseph bringing it all the way from California.

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