Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Edge: a technique in my Hand AB

This week Ingrid Dijkers taught our online AB class. Her button edges are spectacular and there is no way mine will ever look as good as hers. However, I tried this technique and had some unique and disastrous results.

I began by gluing three pages together, then painting my background with brown antiquing ink and gold fluid acrylics. Next I marked off and punched out the holes per Ingrid's instructions. All was well and good to this point.
Those who know me, know I can't and don't hand sew. So even beginning was a problem. Do I wrap the wire around itself, since obviously I can't treat it like thread? Do I wrap it around a button? After three missteps and straightening or cutting the wire twice, I was on my way. I kept working outward, rather than along the edges and my wire kept getting tangled and I never got it as tight as I would have liked.

But it was a fun lesson and I can say I completed the edge part. I used white and gold buttons to match the background. Now I have to decorate the pages front and back, but I have to let my hand rest a day or two because the "sewing" did a number to it.

Here is the page when the book is closed. I really love how it looks, but I doubt I'll be doing this again any time soon.

4 thoughtful remarks:

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth - this edging is beautiful! What a great way to use up some the buttons that we all have stashed away. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving your kind comments!

jackie said...

Your button edging turned out great! Be sure and show us when you decorate the pages.

Seth said...

Not sure where the "disastrous results" are. I think the edging looks spectacular.

Linda Manning Findley said...

it looks WONDERFUL "E" you did such a great job that when your hand is better it will be well worth it ..... Linda F