Thursday, May 21, 2009

Anything But Paper Swap

I'm so lucky to be the host of the Anything But Paper swap on ABC. I made two for each person and documented them here and here. Below are the ones I got from the swap. I have provided links to blogs or web sites that I know about, so please let me know if I missed anyone.

Top (l to r):Cat who made hers of various metals including the metal eyelets, Halle who made hers from fabric and decorative machine stitching, Dana who needle felted the little birdies and background;

Middle (l to r):Donna who used hand dyed fabric and wooden animals, Gina who doodled on each of the pieces of shrink plastic then placed the shrink plastic on metal mesh, Charlene who needle felted the flowers and hand stitched the stems;

Bottom (l to r):Elizabeth, Jeanene who embossed metal then placed an acrylic covering over it and held it in place with metal corner holders, and Cheryl who told us this was her first ever ATC and she used some awesome material, rubber stamping, and machine edging.

Didn't I tell you this was a wonderful swap? It was fantastic and I appreciate everyone who entered.

3 thoughtful remarks:

Elizabeth said...

These are awesome!! What a great swap!
Did you ever receive your prize? I sent it ages and ages ago, but never heard?
Hope all's well.

Elizabeth said...

Man that's crazy! I sent it on the 30th of March (or there abouts)
I'll see if I still have your original email and make sure I had the right address. BOO to the postman :(
I'll have to make you some new ones, I don't think I have many extras atm.

Dianne said...

these atc's are amazing...what a wonderful assortment and imaginative use of materials!