Monday, May 4, 2009

Anything but paper swap: part deux

I made a second set of Anything But Paper ATCs for the swap I'm hosting. I always try to make two sets if there are more participants than the given number of required ATCs for the swap. All things considered, this was a fairly popular swap.

I had a bit of fun with my camera, too. I just had to play around to see if I could get a decent photo of the dimension of these tags.

The tags are die cut from leather. I added sea glass I tumbled myself, along with some plastic leaves from a floral arrangement. I had trouble with the ribbon, though. I wanted to staple the ribbon on, but it was so thin and the leather so thick, it didn't really work. After three frustrating tries, I gave up and glued the ribbons to the tags.

I cut some 3 X 5 sized laminate chips (sometimes called Formica chips) to ATC size, then put a strip of bandage material on the chip. Next I cut copper left over from my countertop installation a few years ago and punched the word "ART" using metal punches gifted me by Jackie many years ago. I placed the copper over the bandage material, then added the leather tags.

Maybe I should call them EVERYthing but paper.

4 thoughtful remarks:

GlennK said...

sea glass u what? if you tumbled it it's NOT sea glass just because u say it is dude. Those of us that actually collect the real thing are really getting pissed off @ fakes like yourself using the name. It's tumbled glass period.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I stand corrected. I will no longer call it sea glass, but tumbled glass. It was just my ignorance of the correct terminology.

Dianne said...

well, I guess there's no accounting for tastes, courtesy, or the lack thereof...E., you prove yourself an artist with class, if not the exactly correct terminology... Bravo for your imaginative use of multiple "non-paper" materials! (and your grace under fire) we enjoy your adventures in recycling...

Anonymous said...

I think you put him in his place, Elizabeth