Friday, April 10, 2009

Words to live by and one room finished

As I was organizing a stack of minutia in my main floor craft room today, this fortune popped out and shouted for me to listen. So I took a few minutes and made art. I call this ATC "Words to Live By."

And speaking of organizing. This was the first day in over three weeks that I could devote to just organizing. No errands to run, and no distractions. I'm really happy to say that the main floor craft room is now finished.

I took the clay, wax, and numerous other products and tools to the basement studio and completely reorganized this room. That also signals that I have gone through all the "stuff" in my basement, and although I still have a lot of little stuff to deal with down there, I now have everything in their right art room. So here are the results of a full day of organizing.

Just inside the door, I have to admit I haven't had time to redo the cork board yet and the TV is going to Free Cycle, but it's still better than before.

Guess I cut off the top shelf in the last photo. It's mostly completed altered books and decos, along with some material.

My work station is clean and I can actually see my cutter and sewing machine. Note that I took this photo at 11:57 pm Thursday night. You can see where I placed the sewing thread rack, too. Everything is handy.

Another view of my clean work surface. Haven't seen this in days.
Another view of my sewing machine and the container I used to hold most of the sewing accessories.
Yes, that is a clean (or relatively clean) table. At least there is room to work, now. I even turned the plastic cover over because the other side just wouldn't come clean.

Here's a full view of my work table. There are two projects that I'm currently working on sitting on the table waiting patiently for me to take time for art.

The wooden dresser with the paper towel holder on it is called "Mail Central." All my postal supplies are either in it or nearby. The top of this dresser is where I place the single swap item I'm weighing during a swap. And yes, it is always this uncluttered unless someone comes to visit.

You can actually see the floor again.

I moved all my reinkers to the top of this cabinet. I can now reach them far easier than I could on the middle shelf over the TV. The binder notebook holds all my large (3-ring sized) stencils. I got that idea from Kathy, who stores her stencils that way.

My paper holder hasn't changed much. In fact, I barely straightened it, although the top of the paint holder got a good makeover.

However, I completely redid the lower bookcase,

as you can see from this photo. I see from the photo that I need to deal with those bottles I was going to turn into snow people at Christmas. HMMM. Seems I need more time to make all these things I want to make.
I also removed all the books from the top of the paper holder, thus freeing up space to hold my color mists, glazes, mica powders, and bingo daubbers.

I now have ONE whole room that is clean. Just ten more and the basement hallway to go. Hopefully, I'll have another update by the end of the weekend.

4 thoughtful remarks:

Dianne said...

Yay! what a good feeling to know you've made progress! I wish I could be as organized as you...but, guess we all have different gifts...have a Happy Spring!

Findings Art by Donna said...

I am amazed at the comparison to the "during" photos when workers were there... WOW great job. Nice place to do ART. - Donna

kayla said... clean and organized! i wish my craft area looked so nice!

PS I see some of my art on your bookshelf! haha.

hope all is well!

Cindy McMath said...

Elizabeth, I love the way your work areas are coming together. I swear if I ever win the lotto I'm hiring you to organize me!

I see that inspiration interrupted you for a bit though - see that ALWAYS happens to me when I try to sort out my junque...the difference is I never get back to it.

Maybe you just have more willpower...

Cindy :)