Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A UHU glue Earth Day project

Everyone knows that April 22 is Earth Day. It's been that day since the early 70s, no matter what day of the week it lands on. So why am I posting an Earth Day recycling tutorial using UHU glue the day before Earth Day? Those who know me, know that April 22 is my birthday. Although I will be "celebrating" my birthday taking my neighbor Sally around town to two appointments tomorrow, today, while you are playing around with this technique, I will be celebrating my birthday with my two friends Dana and Kathy. They will get to see the basement, although we won't be playing there tomorrow due to the fact the City is shutting off our (six blocks of my street) water for 12 hours. However, I will have my camera and you will get to see the "big reveal" too.

Since I will have so much to show my readers, I will post this early, so you too can enjoy recycling on Earth Day as much as I do.

So here is my gift to you: UHU Glue and Tyvek, a perfect combination.

Supplies from top left:
Paints (cheap acrylic)
Fluid acrylic
Pots to mix acrylics in
UHU Original Glue SticTyvek (used postal envelopes)
Foam brush (or brush of your choice)
Rubber or foam stamps of your choice
Craft sheet or other waterproof material to protect your work surface
Not shown: Staz-on black ink, gesso

Carefully tear the envelopes apart at the seams and remove any postage stamps and labels. Use the inside of the envelope for this technique and save the stamps to use in a later project.

As an optional step, you can cut the two end flaps off if you like.

Dampen the Tyvek with your sponge brush. There's no need to saturate it with water, just get it damp. Drop a few drops of fluid acrylic on the Tyvek and spread around with the wet brush. See how the fluid acrylic disperses onto the dampened envelope.

Add as many colors as you like until you are happy with the look. Allow the colors to bleed together for a mottled look. Be aware that the paint will dry much lighter than it appears when it's wet.
Set aside to dry on a waterproof surface. The paint will seep through the Tyvek to the back side, so be careful where you lay the pieces as they dry. Also, by the time you have all the colors on the envelope, there will be some paint puddles.
Be careful. These are addictive. I ended up making 15 sheets before I stopped. They are so much fun.

When dry, begin by stamping with a decorative rubber or foam stamp of your choice using Staz-on or any solvent based ink.

Tear a piece of corrugated cardboard to expose the corrugations. Use as a stamp.

Paint any circle with gesso. I used one of the water pots, but you can also use any jar lid.

Stamp randomly on the envelope. When you are happy with the results, set aside, allowing the gesso to dry, and continue decorating your other pieces.

When you are finished, decide what type of project you want to make. I wanted to play with ATCs, since they are a good size to experiment with. Cut the piece twice the width of the project and the correct length. For the ATCs I cut the pieces 3 1/2" X 5". Pre-fold the piece before gluing.

Open the piece and turn it over so you are looking at the inside. Because the paint bleeds through to the back, they must be covered. What better way than to make them double sided.

I've tried other glues and they just don't work with Tyvek. The very best glue for Tyvek is UHU Original Stik which is distributed exclusively by Saunders in the US. One of the bonuses is that you can see where you've glued, so you know you are getting good coverage.

Fold the insides together and press until you have a good seal. Pick the side that compliments your art for the front and the other side for your information.

Use your corrugated cardboard to add lines to the back for your ATC information, and use it on the front to compliment your design.

Did you guess what the ATC I posted yesterday was made of? The beautiful bonus with this material is the lovely threads of pattern in the Tyvek that is highlighted by the paint.

This is my Earth Day creation. Green truly IS beautiful. Even the embellishment came from an old eyeglass nose piece that I attached using my favorite UHU Glue: Twist & Glue. It bonds to most materials and dries clear.
So spend your day recycling art materials. You will save money and save the planet in the process. You will make my birthday very meaningful if you recycle just one thing tomorrow. Have an artful and fun day today and tomorrow, both the planet's and my bEARTHday.

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Dianne said...

a marvelous tutorial, as usual! why I never thought of making my atc's two-sided is a mystery. what a great idea. I hope you have a wonderful birthday and that your basement stays dry!!

Mary said...

Wow,wow,wow! I love your project for Earth Day. The end result is just beautiful. Thank you very much for making the turorial. I know how time consuming it can be.

I had no idea that tomorrow is your birhday Elizabeth. I hope that your day today is very special. Perhaps you can celebrate tomorrow night?


The Paper Artist said...

What a super duper tutorial. And to think they are FREE from the PO.

Happy birthday, Elizabeth.


~*~Patty S said...

Green IS beautiful! Love what you've done with Tyvek!!!

Jessica said...

Oh my gosh, your project is amazing! So useful and so beautiful. Thanks for sharing how you made it. Also, I hope you had a very Happy Birthday! :)

日月神教-向左使 said...


Unknown said...

I wondered what TYVEK was you learn something new every day!

love Dawn xx