Friday, April 3, 2009

Second set of recycled ATCs

It's my policy that if there are more swappers than the number of swap items in a swap (for example, there are nine swappers in this swap which is 5 for 5), and I am the host, I keep one of each player's swap item. However, I make more than one swap item, in this case ATCs using recycled items celebrating Earth Day. These are a bit plain, but I made them today while waiting on my friend Sally at her physical therapy class. I already had most of the backgrounds glued to the substrate and the circles cut, so it didn't take long to assemble them.

The backgrounds are wallpaper, the bird houses are old calendar photos and pages from a tiny book. The birds, cut in circles, are actually Lung Association stickers given me by Sally, the same person I took to PT today. I think they are a bit plain, but not sure how to make them any better, since I need to use only recycled materials. I call these "The Bird House."

2 thoughtful remarks:

Dianne said...

I think these bird "houses" are very sweet...or "tweet"!

Cattrix said...

I think they are great....