Monday, April 27, 2009

Rainy Day Monday

Yesterday we got nearly 6 inches of rain in about 4 hours. At one point the National Weather Service (located near the Wichita Airport) reported 2" of rain in one hour. Needless to say, I had a flood. I went to my basement to see if I had water, and walked in three inches of water. Things were floating along the hall on top of the water. It was frustrating. After sucking water in my shop vac for over 5 hours last night and two to three today, I am so sore I can barely move.

However, I knew I had to make some art today, so here it is. I call it Rainy Day Monday. The background is a magazine image that I fell in love with. The bird is a stencil gifted me by Cindy,and my new background stamp (or a small portion of it) from Mrs. O'Leary's (Joanie, the owner, makes her own and they are fantastic). I know it's a bit late in the day, but at least I got to make art today.

It may be a rainy day, but I'm alive and my front yard is growing faster than weeds. So, even though things are not the best in my basement, I'm so happy I can do what I love to do in between using machines (shop vacs, pumps, and industrial fans).

Click the image for a larger view.

4 thoughtful remarks:

Cindy McMath said...

Oh Elizabeth, I'm so sorry to hear you had another flood - when will it end?

But on the other hand, if it inspired this magnificent art piece then it wasn't all for naught.

Beautiful work!

Cindy :)

Dianne said...

yikes! have you resorted to putting everything on stilts? what a bummer...hope your extra water & soreness of body goes away soon...really love the rainy day artwork, though!

Findings Art by Donna said...

Really like the composition of your newest ART. :) Elizabeth it is NEVER too late to make art.
Very nice piece. - Donna

Nona said...

I love this piece of inspired art! It goes perfectly with the rainy week we're having here in New Zealand!

If you have regular flooding, you might want to look into getting a sump pump.

Sending Dry Karma ;-)