Friday, April 24, 2009

Cling Wrap Backgrounds

This is a fast and fun technique that makes marvelous backgrounds or overlays.
Supplies from upper left:
Various fibers and threads
Cling wrap, heavy duty
Craft sheet or parchment paper

Lay the craft sheet or parchment paper on a table or ironing board. Remove a strip of cling wrap shorter than your craft sheet or parchment paper. Pre-heat your iron to cotton.

Position a few strands of thread, fibers, ribbon, and/or string on the cling wrap. It's alright to leave gaps and spaces.

Lay a second piece of cling wrap on top of the ribbon and threads.

Using your hands, press the second sheet down well and smooth it out, working from the middle to all the sides.

Lay a second craft sheet or piece of parchment paper over the cling wrap. With your iron on hot, begin ironing the piece. Note that my top craft sheet is shorter than the bottom one and the cling wrap sandwich. I ironed to the edge, then repositioned my craft sheet over the remainder of the cling wrap.

I found through trial and error that the best results came when I kept the iron in constant motion and pressed hard in spots where there were no fibers. You can actually see the ridges left by the fibers through the craft sheet. Not sure if you can see them through parchment paper.

Here is a photo of two finished pieces I made. This is a really quick and easy background. You can use this as a background or as an overlay by attaching it with eyelets or brads.

Use thicker cling wrap. Thin cling wrap leaves obvious holes in the piece, no matter how cool you set your iron temperature.

This is a great way to use those extra threads and small bits of fibers and lace you have lying around.

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~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

ooo you have been playing and I like it! The AI technique AND this one are wonderful! I like the way you spell it all out too Elizabeth! TFS