Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth HOUR

It's probably no secret to most who know me that I was born on Earth Day. Similar in concept is Earth Hour.

Tonight we celebrate Earth Hour for the second year. Last year I unplugged my computer and TV. Why you ask? Well because I just never leave lights on in my house. So, it was a total blackout at my place last year, although I loved the candles that kept me from tripping over Bleubeard. I will do the same tonight which will be from 8 to 9, as I lessen my carbon footprint even more than normal. So, please do YOUR part too. Simply turn off all your lights from 8 to 9 in YOUR TIME ZONE. Maybe you could even light a few candles and enjoy your night in a different way. And since some of my friends hadn't heard of this event, be sure to tell everyone you know. That way you too will be doing something good for the planet and the future of our existence.

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