Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pristine or plastic?

I actually created this piece for another project, but wanted to make some kind of green statement. I thought of lots of things, like how China's beauty was being spoiled with plastic water bottles, coal plants, and other practices harmful to our global environment. But how can we as Americans fault China, when they are only parroting what they see in the US.

As I sat and looked at this piece, it finally came to me that we have a choice, which is reflected in the title of the piece.

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Kristen Robinson said...

Your blog is truly awesome. I have your goodies ready to ship however I have not received your address....this may be on my end as in a weeks time I had my computer crash and erase all my files and switched over to an apple which has me working very slowly. Drop me a note when you have a moment at

Have a lovely day and thanks for all of the lovely how to's on your blog.

My Best-

Mary said...

Your right, we do have a choice. Your piece refelects what you are expressing winderfuly! Gorgeous work Elizabeth.