Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My upstairs studio redo

I've finally decided what will stay in the small studio on the first floor, and what will return to the basement. My list for the upstairs is:
Sewing machine and sewing zone
Ribbon and fibers
Paint, ink, dyes, markers
Packing and shipping materials and supplies

My decision is based on my lack of confidence in the basement studio staying dry forever. Therefore, I don't want anything there that can attract mold or rust that I don't care if it rusts. To that end, I began yesterday morning creating yet another mess in my house. Remember, it will ALWAYS look worse before it looks right.

I began by taking a few photos of my shelves I installed when I moved my studio to this room.

Here is a better view of the entire wall and what was on the shelves. Just as I was packing everything up,

Kathy called and wanted to come to Wichita to shop at Sam's. I practically begged her to stop by and pick me up, partly to get out of the house and away from my mess, partly to see her, and partly to show her my new basement studio. I warned her that every room in my house was a MESS, but she was undeterred, since she knows I'm a neat freak like she is (although she may be even more so than I). Check out that lovely necklace, earrings and matching bracelet (which I cut off in the photo). She made these and they were stunning on her and when the light hit.

While I was waiting for her to arrive, I packed up the middle shelf and arranged some of my altered books on the shelf. I even had time to bake the few pieces of polymer clay I had placed in the toaster oven. I didn't want them going to the basement unbaked.
I'm not completely sure I like this arrangement because it is rather chaotic. However, it will have to do for now. I haven't touched any of the other shelves in this photo, just the middle one.

I took the metal-and-plastic-drawer charm holder down on Sunday and arranged (or was it rearranged?) my charms, found objects, etc. that I had in it.

So, it was easy to finish this surface also before Kathy arrived. I think I'll move the Xyron off the Sizzex now that I have more room for it, and place the refills nearby.

I still have a horrible mess in that room, because I'm packing up a lot of stuff to go to the basement. But I feel better that I've managed to get this far in anticipation of returning to the basement.

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