Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Smoosh and Twist background tutorial

Several people have asked how I made this background, so I dug out a tutorial I wrote for ABC a couple of years ago. Although the colors are different, the substrate is the same, as is the technique.
Supplies: Two pieces of heavy card stock cut to the same size (I used "hold mail" cards from the post office).
Two colors of inexpensive craft paint. Use colors that compliment your focal image.
Plastic sheet or similar product to cover your work surface
Dribble one color on one page, the other color on the other page.
Gently lay both pages together,

then pat the two pages for good contact.
Twist the pages back and forth. Repeat if you don't like the end results, but don't overwork because the paint will get muddy.
Gently lift the two pages apart.
This is the finished product. You can see all the texture even inexpensive paint leaves.
Alternately, instead of twisting, pull one page away from the other, holding the pages as shown.
This produces a different effect, but still provides a great deal of texture. I wanted my substrate to show through, but you can add more paint if you want complete coverage.

3 thoughtful remarks:

Halle said...

good tutorial...lots of excellent pictures.

Linda Manning Findley said...

Oh "E" I love your title for this technique ... I think it was called mono printing or vinyl paper but Smoosh and twist is so much better and it says what you really do ...... great example and tutorial ... Linda F

justthesmallstuff said...

What a quick background technique and I can just see it with some webbing spray! Thank you. Charleen