Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Congratulations, Mr. President

Congratulations Mr. President and the very best of luck. Our country and much of the world are looking to you for guidance. You will set the tone for all Americans, now. You are our face, our hope, and our good-will ambassador. If you are able to run the country as well as you ran your campaign, we are in for a very united, albeit sometimes bumpy, four years.

I have made it a practice to devote this blog to my art. However, I want to take just a minute and explain why I'm officially 250% behind President Barack H. Obama. It is simple: humility.

No, it wasn't on the campaign trail, where his speeches all started sounding alike. Nor was it when he declared in a debate with Hillary Clinton, "now we're just getting into 'silly season'," although it was one of the many times I laughed all summer. Nor was it the rousing speech he gave after he had been elected that energized not only the country, but the world. I've studied enough history, that I know any person who can electrify like that, can also take rabid followers down the wrong path. After all, there was Hitler and, in our country, Timothy Leary and Jim Jones. Of course, I do believe our standing in the world went up at least two notches when President Obama won the election.

So what was it I saw in this man who I could both idolize and find genuine fault with, that made me a true believer? When he gave his first press conference the day after the election, the entire press corp stood when he entered the room. The look on his face was embarrassment which was born from humility. At that point, I knew this man who comes off to some as an arrogant self proclaimed savior, was in reality, our hope for the future. The look on his face told me he was genuinely moved and taken back by the simple gesture of respect, given by a group who were about to skewer him, of standing when he entered the room.

Incidentally, Mr. President, I have a wall that needs to be painted if your current job doesn't work out.

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Latharia said...

Love it. :) I, too, am very excited about the future & have a lot of respect for Mr. Obama!