Sunday, December 14, 2008

A spoon book for Christmas giving

I spent the afternoon making this spoon book for some dear friends who live in CA. PLEASE BE WARNED. The sentiment and/or subject matter may be sensitive to some people.

Awhile back I was lucky enough to find four identical spoons. I say lucky, because that's often unheard of at thrift shops and such. I colored them with alcohol inks and took them to Hutchinson when I visited my friend Kathy. Her husband drilled the holes for me, because I tried and didn't have the right bit.
The first one is decorated with a stylized tree. The sentiment reads: "Jeff and Dion sitting by a tree,"
This photo is all wonky and wrong, but it is the best photo of the true color of all the spoons. For some reason, I am unable to photograph metal and have it not look like midnight.
Second spoon is strung with glass balls and reads: "doing what comes naturally."
The third spoon has a small cupid charm and reads: "First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes"
Here's a not so clear close up of the cupid charm.
Spoon four has a smiley face and I think you can read the sentiment.
This is what they look like all strung out after assembly,
and this is what they look like assembled and stacked to resemble a book.
I added "Christmas, 2008 on the back, and created by me. If nothing else, I hope they get a laugh out of it. I designed the colors for their new kitchen, thus I didn't want to add any fibers or frills that might collect dirt and grease.

2 thoughtful remarks:

One Creative Queen said...

These are adorable!! I love how you made them and how they are arted up - what a great post. Thanks for doing it!

Iowa Sunshine said...

How creative! This is a neat idea. HUGS