Saturday, December 13, 2008

12 Days of Christmas starts tomorrow

Here are all the gifts for the 12 Days of Christmas Swap hosted by Theresa with all the participants from ABC. I got my package yesterday when Dana and I visited Kat's open house and one woman jewelry show.
Here is a close up,
and another,
and finally, another.

Why am I showing these (and why does my tree look like the leaning tower of Pisa), when Theresa and others might on their blogs? If I don't open and take a photo of them, I will leave them all till Christmas. I've never been one to open my gifts early. I guess I have a ton of self control in that aspect. I really love how the wrapped gifts look around the tree better than anything, I guess. As for the tree, it must be the photographer's fault.
I didn't make one of mine for me, but shipped all mine to Theresa in late March. Here they are in a box waiting for Theresa's dad to pick them up (I love saving postage!) to take to TN.
Here is one of 11 others. Theresa said we could pick our own number, but I guess I'm the only one who did that. Yep, I'm nearly last. I'm day 11!!
They really look like wine bottles in the photos. Amazing how deceptive photos can be. Like any good ABer, part of the gift is the wrap. I wrapped mine in dressmaker tissues, which make great AB and collage backgrounds. I can't remember (didn't take a picture of it), but I may have also wrapped the gifts in dyed paper towels before wrapping them in the translucent tissue. That sounds like something I might do.

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