Wednesday, November 26, 2008

More pages for Cris's book

This week has gotten really busy. Yesterday my neighbor and I went grocery shopping for Thanksgiving dinner, which turned into an all afternoon affair. Today I have been cooking, tomorrow I will eat (and possibly sleep), and Friday I will decorate my house for Christmas. So, I will have little time to devote to art, something I'm not used to.
In between watching the pots boil, I managed these pages.This page began with a magazine image for the background. I used UHU glue stick, but must not have covered the substrate (file folder) completely, because the paper buckled. Even though I tried and tried to smooth it out, the wrinkles didn't budge, apparently because there was no glue underneath to stick. The "You can have it all" was on the outside of a junk mail envelope. I printed the title and used a stencil and several pigment inks to make the tree and star. Cost? Pigment ink, printer ink.

This image will never look right on a scanner because it's a lenticular. When there was some talk of lenticulars on one of the yahoo groups I read, I did an internet search and found a company that was willing to send samples. The "Queen of Free" couldn't turn that down!!

I began by glazing an old telephone book page with some of that blue glaze left over from my decorated background papers. I glued this using white glue to the file folder. Then I added the lenticular drinking cup and outlined it using red chalk. I used my Zig pen to write the sentiment. Cost? White glue, (should I count the glaze?), chalk, 1 Q-tip, Zig pen ink.

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Mary said...

Both of these pages are awesome! I'm not sure what lenticulars are so I am now off to search the web and find out. :)