Monday, November 24, 2008

Altoid tins and one turned into a gift

Last Wednesday I "cooked" five altoid tins in my chiminea before I put it away for the winter. Of these six tins, I chose four to add alcohol inks (AIs) to.
I couldn't put the "lunchbox" looking one in the fire because the handle is plastic. Also, the one in the upper left has raised letters, so I will have to cover it in some way, probably with polymer clay. These are what the outsides looked like after I removed them from the fire and cleaned them with a damp cloth, then alcohol.
This is the inside of each.
I used AIs to decorate these. The photos are really bad because of my camera. It just doesn't show subtle differences in color.
This is the outside after AIs. The one on the left is the truest in color, but the camera still makes everything look much darker than it really is.
This is the one tin I've decorated so far. The inside left is not bad, but I have no idea why I can't get a good image of the right side. I laid down a composite of the four images (Hero Arts) I used on the tin, then elevated one over the original image using dimensional dots.
The back has one image that I outlined part of in gold leafing pen and a lavender punched flower that matches the lavender on the hat.
Then I remembered I needed to add a hanger, so did that and made the front, too. I used the fourth image and some lace. I raised the image using dimensional dots and outlined the entire image in gold leafing pen.
Here are the front and back open with the hanger attached. It really is much prettier than the photos suggest.

In keeping with my quest to keep costs to a minimum, the only money I have invested are in the AIs, the felt to apply the AIs, gold leafing, and various glues (including the dimensional dots). Everything else, including the wire, is recycled.

2 thoughtful remarks:

Dianne said...

I've never attempted altering a tin, but you've taken some of the mystery out of the process...I keep thinking I'll try it sometime. Your recycling abilities are a marvel! great work1

Anonymous said...

Love how you recycle.