Sunday, August 17, 2008

UHU review: making napkin 4 X 4s

I received this glue stick from UHU Glue and promised an impartial evaluation and project(s). I decided to make a third set of napkin 4 X 4s for a swap on ABC. Supplies are the UHU glue stick, the napkin I'm going to use, and copier/printer paper.
The instructions on the UHU web site stated you only needed to swipe once. So, that's what I did, trying to get it even. It didn't always cover completely, but that could be because my table may not be completely even.
Next, I adhered the napkin to the paper and pressed it down, making sure it was completely adhered.
I trimmed the napkin,
and ran it through my printer. You can see that some of the napkin didn't adhere, so I pulled it away to see how much or how little coverage I had. Thankfully, that was all that was loose. The rest held well.
I got out my 1" punch and cut the bubbles. The glue held well in all places.
Here is the completed piece. It is simple, but (as regular visitors to my blog know), I'm not a stamper, so stamping on the red napkin was a real challenge. I used Staz-on and the "Carp" rubber stamp from River City Rubber.

The small "bubbles" are left over from my paint chip book. I tried to attach them using the UHU glue, but they wouldn't stick. I may not have gotten enough glue on them, but even after two swipes, I couldn't get them to stick. I finally attached them using white glue. I had no trouble with the large bubble. It stayed nicely.

Considering I'm not a big fan of glue stick, I thought this was easy to use and it worked well where I applied the glue, except for the small circles.

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