Saturday, November 9, 2019

Returning to the Eisenhower Museum, Library, and Boyhood Home

Many of my long time readers know I visited the Eisenhower Museum, Library, and Boyhood Home recently.  Most of my posts and photos from the day I went there are too long for AEDM, but one area had only a few photos.   Since Veterans/Armistice/Remembrance Day is coming quite soon, I thought it would be the perfect time to share this statue of Ike.  To see other posts, go here to see visitor center and gift shop, here to see his boyhood home, here to see the exterior and introductory gallery of the museum (including some fabulous murals), and here to see Ike as a child growing up in Abilene, KS.

The 11-foot bronze statue depicting Ike as General Eisenhower stands in the center of the facility.  You might be able to read that he was called the Champion of Peace.

The statue depicts Eisenhower in his World War II "Eisenhower Jacket."

The bronze statue was sculpted by Robert Dean, Jr., who created three other statues of Ike.   One of the statues is displayed in Denison, Texas, the President's birthplace, the second on the grounds of the U.S. Military Academy, and the third on the grounds of the U.S. Embassy in London.  The statue in Texas is similar, albeit smaller and Ike isn't wearing his military hat.

The base is made of Georgia granite.  There are five stars surrounding it, indicating his five star general status. It has quotations from Eisenhower's various careers including President of the United States, Supreme Commander of the Allied Expeditionary Forces, General of the Army, Supreme Allied Commander of Europe, and Chief of Staff of the Army.

Since my photos didn't show the quotes like I thought they would, I found them on the internet: 
Quotations and Insignia on the Eisenhower Statue Pedestal
February 13, 1944 - July 13, 1945
"Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen of the Allied Expeditionary Force: You are about to embark upon the great crusade" -- Message to Troops of the A.E.F., June 6, 1944
December 20, 1944
"I cannot let this day pass without telling the fighting men...that my fondest boast shall always be: I was their fellow-soldier" -- Address to the American Soldier, February 7, 1948
November 19, 1945 - February 7, 1948
"It is a grievous error to forget for one second the might and power of this great republic" -- Letter to Walter Bedell Smith, November 28, 1947
December 21, 1950 - May 31, 1952
"The members of this command are of many nations working together ... for the cause that lies nearest our hearts today -- the preservation of peace" -- Statement for British Broadcasting Corporation Series "Atlantic Alliance", February 1, 1952
January 20, 1953 - January 20, 1961
"The quest for peace is the statesman's most exacting duty ... practical progress to lasting peace is his fondest hope." -- Statement on Disarmament Geneva Conference, July 21, 1955

In front of the statue is

a copy of 

The Great Seal of the United States of America.

The statue was presented to the Eisenhower Presidential Library and Museum by the Harry and Edith Darby Foundation in 1985.

The day was so overcast, I had a hard time seeing his face, so I lightened it (rather poorly, I might add) in Photoshop.

I definitely didn't have to lighten these 

beautiful flowers surrounding the statue.

Thank you so much for joining me today.  I am most grateful.

This is Day 9 of Art Every Day Month (AEDM)  hosted by Leah Piken Kolidas, and I
researched information on the statue and the sculpter, then shared photos I took of the Eisenhower statue when I visited his museum in September.

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Valerie-Jael said...

Great statue from a great president. Always good to remember the good presidents rather than dwell on the one just now! Have a fun day, Valerie

Iris Flavia said...

It´s a very beautiful tribute.
I am very sad we learned about Hitl#er 90% and not much more at school.
I really am glad I have people like you "updating" me, even in my older years.
I wonder what my Nieces will "learn" at school...

Cath Wilson said...

Interesting, Elisabeth...we get to know so little of other nations' courage and heroism. Glad you had a good day :-)
Cath x

kathyinozarks said...

thanks for sharing

CJ Kennedy said...

Beautiful statue and surrounding. Ike was the first president I remember. I remember toasting Ike with a glass of milk along with Big Brother (Bob Emory) from the children's tv program) Looking at the statue now makes me wonder where have men like Ike gone? 😿

Divers and Sundry said...

This museum and grounds has really made an impression on me. Thanks for sharing photos to take me on this virtual tour :)

My name is Erika. said...

That is quite the statue and obviously and amazing museum. Did I mention I put it on my go to list? One of these days. And I read cJ's comment, which I agree with, and I think about how men of honor have seemed to disappear, especially in today's political world of the US. Not sure about other countries so I won't include them. i don't remember Ike as president, but I do remember watching his funeral on tv. Happy Saturday. Hugs-Erika

craftytrog said...

A wonderful tribute to a great man!

NatureFootstep said...

Sometimes I wish they would forget about wars instead of remember everything nasty about them. :(

DVArtist said...

Ohhhh these photos are so striking. I would love to visit this. Thank you for sharing them.

aussie aNNie said...

Interesting and love seeing pics like these.x

Meggymay said...

It was another good post to read and of course to see the photos makes it so much easier to relate to the information you included.
I also wish we had a wider understanding of how the wars and conflicts effect the other nations who were involved. remembering the past is a good thing if it helps what is happening in our world today.
Yvonne xx

Jeanie said...

This post is especially fitting around Veterans Day. I'm always so impressed with the work of larger-than-life sculptors. This is so very impressive and such a wonderful likeness.

Sami said...

Great sculptures of a great man.

pearshapedcrafting said...

I've loved seeing your photos of this visit. The statue is a reminder of a man who gained so much respect here in the UK too! Hugs, Chrisx