Saturday, June 30, 2018

June complete and July ready in my never ending calendar and more for Art Journal Journey

I want to begin by saying several people have suggested the funeral I attended might be a "celebration of life" event.  I assure you, it was NOT.  It's one thing to attend a funeral of a friend who has lived a long and productive life.  It is another to attend a funeral of a young person who died all too soon, at age 24 in his sleep.  Somehow, that seems to hit even harder, at least for me.  An autopsy will hopefully reveal the cause, but we do NOT suspect drugs or alcohol.

2018 is now officially half over, and I'm no better at decorating these calendar pages than I was when I started seven and a half years ago.  I rushed this last day through because I needed to finish this and get it scanned so I could go on to other projects.  IF all goes as planned, I will be heading to the Wichita Art Museum (WAM) today.  Hopefully photos next Friday.

July is ready to be written in, but I miscalculated the date of our T anniversary party.  It's actually the 17th, but I originally thought it would be the 24th.  So much for the skills of this math major (grin). 

I know I said I was finished with this month's theme at AJJ, but my calendar pages are so wimpy, I'm once again (and finally for the last time) joining Gill at Gibby Froggett Craftations, this month's host at Art Journal Journey.  Her theme is Inspired by . . . .  I was inspired by my internet friends Erika and her Japan journal, as well as Jeanie who is sharing her Paris images.

I'm inspired to travel to Tuscany today.  Unlike my friends who inspired me with their real travels, I have never been to Tuscany.

Instead, this is an imaginary journey, which I created for my large art journal, although I should have created it for my 7 Continents altered book.

Because this wouldn't fit right side up on the page, I have rotated the image so you can read it.

Magazines are often called "slicks."  That makes them especially difficult to photograph, as this picture shows.  At least you can see the towers on the hill in the background of this picture I took from a travel magazine.

And now you can read the sentiment, although the paint pen I used to outline these sentiments and the edges of the page, had a bleed problem.

Here is a closer view of the towers.

The countryside and wineries define Tuscany.  Chianti appears to be a well-known wine and the region in Tuscany where it is produced is like no other.

In case you are as geographically illiterate as I, Tuscany is the largest region in Italy.

I discovered if I photograph the images from an angle, the glare is much less noticeable.

Tuscany is known as a nation within a nation because of its unique linguistic and cultural identity.

I realize this is a horrible photo of the page for my large art journal.  I began by cutting images from three slick travel magazines using my deckle scissors.  I backed the images with yellow copier/printer paper also cut using deckle scissors.  The sentiments and title were computer generated, cut out and outlined using a green chalk paint pen.  Everything was backed with a lime green sheet of copier/printer paper, then outlined.  I have some washi tape with trees on it that I wanted to use, but couldn't find how to add it without junking up the page.

I am truly grateful you joined me today, and I also hope to see you at Art Journal Journey where we start a new theme and welcome a new host in just a few hours. Thank you, too for not laughing too hard at my wimpy calendar.

15 thoughtful remarks:

Valerie-Jael said...

Glad you got your calendar pages filled, they look good. Have fun filling the new ones. Lovely page with Tuscany, it is indeed a beautiful place. Have a great weekend, Valerie

Sami said...

That's even sadder that it was a young person that died, very traumatic for the family and friends.
Love the Tuscany colours.
Have a nice weekend Elizabeth and enjoy the Museum visit.

froebelsternchen said...

I would never laugh at your calendar pages - they are you and they are good as they are! I love Tuscany and their Chianti and so you made me happy with your page - and you found time to add another page to Gill's fabulous theme! Thank you for all the work this month again Elizabeth!
So sad about this young man - unbelievable.
Have a great Saturday!
We have sun after rain and I can tell that it isn't bad to have one day rain and one day sun. There is no need to water the garden and veggie raised bed, so more time for prepairing and making art for next month's AJJ theme and the different challenges.Thanks for your answers via mail, I agree with you and will get in touch with you again when there are news.

Hugs, Susi

aussie aNNie said...

You are one super organized lady. You sure have a lovely garden post below too, enjoy your weekend. hugs.x

Gibby Frogett said...

Sorry to hear the awful news about the young man Elizabeth, its obviousy been a difficuly time so I really appreciate your last page for this months AJJ theme.
And what a beautiful page you created - you find the most beautiful and fabulous images.
Thanks once again for all your lovely comments and support to me this month :)
Hope you have a lovely weekend and manage to get to the museum.
Gill x

Meggymay said...

It is good to see your diary pages and gosh you have had a busy month.
It is a fantastic travel page, you chose a lovely area to visit. It may be your dream to visit there, who knows..... it could come true.
We are on our travels, its steaming hot and things haven't all gone smoothly, but thats a tale for another day.
Yvonne xx

CJ Kennedy said...

You were busy this month. Sorry the month wasn't all happy. Hard when an older person dies unexpectedly, but shocking and very sad when it happens to someone so young. Your Tuscan page is beautiful. I love the colors you chose to complement the images. Very peaceful.

Cindy McMath said...

Dear Elizabeth - so sorry to hear about this young man’s passing. How terrible and sad. I always love seeing your calendar pages - you are keeping track of things and can look back and remember specific times. As I’ve said before my calendar sits in my computer - certainly nothing creative about that! Your Tuscany page is lovely. I always learn something when you post pages about other countries. Take care my friend.

My name is Erika. said...

I don't think your calendar is bland or boring. It is efficient. :) Efficient means you don't waste time on that and move onto bigger and better things. Like your Tuscany page. That would be a fabulous trip, wouldn't it? I agree, the death of a young person is extremely hard. I have been to a few funerals for kids at school and it is so tough. This winter we had a student die in a stupid sledding accident and even though I didn't go to the funeral I went to the wake and it was horrible. He was a senior- which made graduation tricky, and I had had him in class when he was a sophomore. We used to talk fishing and boating and I tell you, every time I go out fishing this summer so far he crosses my mind. Life throws us some painful twists sometimes, doesn't it? OK, this sounds a little weird saying this, but have a wonderful weekend. Hugs-Erika

Sandra Cox said...

Our June calendar page looks pretty puny compared to yours:) Mainly doctor, vet and flea meds noted. Heh.

Your page is beautiful.

Enjoy your weekend.

Divers and Sundry said...

Such a shocking, unexpected loss! My heart goes out to people who suffer such tragedies, and so to you at this time :(

Lowcarb team member said...

Tuscany such a beautiful place, love your pages and the colours used too.

As we say goodbye to June, I wish you a good July.

All the best Jan

pearshapedcrafting said...

So sorry to hear about the young man! Your journal page is fabulous - a reminder for me of travelling by coach and train through Tuscany and wishing we could slow down to get proper look!! Your calendar journal pages, as well you know, always look great to me - I love how you add things throughout the's far from wimpy! Hugs, Chrisx

Rita said...

Yes, 24 is WAY too young! That would be such a sad funeral.

You are ready for July. I hope things look brighter. :)

Eileen The Artful Crafter said...

24 - how sad. I'v never gotten accustomed to the"celebrations of life" thing. But at least they've replaced wakes, which were horrendous and way too long for the family.

Two observations on your "wimpy" calendar page. 1. It's much more efficient than the daily journaling I started this year, so I'm considering your calendar-keeping idea as well as a couple others I've seen at T for next year. 2. You're a busy busy and amazing lady!

I learned some things about Tuscany I didn't know in your lovely page. You must have magazines for every occasion. The photos are wonderful. I can't wait to hear what July's challenge is.