Wednesday, May 30, 2018

What's On Your Workdesk this 469th Wednesday: the after party

Thankfully, I managed to visit everyone during the 9th anniversary party last week, even with my gimpy keyboard, except Sarah, my PIF, and Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith who are both only on G+, which I would have to join to leave comments.

I was hoping I would hear from my PIF, Sarah before I posted tonight, but unfortunately, that didn't happen.  What you see here are three ATCs and my prototype, run through several PhotoShop filters, all of which are basically the same, yet slightly different.  Julia our desker Queen at Stamping Ground has received hers, but didn't show it because she knew Sarah would receive one like it.

Instead, she showed this one I made just for her.  I laid down yellow ink, then stamped several number 9s to designate the anniversary year.  Of course, I promptly covered over them!  One of the ironic things is, the Queen postage stamp came off an old greeting card Julia sent me several years ago.  And although the photo is a bit blurry, that is Julia as a teen or tween.  No matter the age, she will still be our desker Queen, thus the crown I tried to stamp on her head.

Last week several people implied I cleaned up for the anniversary party, but those who know me, know I am a NEAT freak.  I pick up and put things away as soon as I use them, even when I've had to get them out again for the same project.

Some asked about the dresses that hang along the top of my north wall.   It was a year long project back in 2010, called Project Dress-Up.  When you have time, feel free to go to my "Previous Collaborations" page (found at the top of my blog).  Once there, scroll down to 2010 and Project Dress-up.  Each month opens in a new window, and you can see the dresses I made and how I made them.

The only thing I have going tonight is a little paper to paper sewing project.  I've just started it. 

It was time to bring out another rocking horse.  This Christmas gift (I received for Christmas last year)

is also Christmas themed.  I see Wendy has managed to get into the action, too!  BTW, I have more than 460 rocking horses, now.  That includes three rocking horse stamps.

Thanks for visiting today.  And thanks to those of you who offered to contact Sarah for me.  All worked out well in the end, at least.  Now let's join Julia so we can play voyeur to even more desks this Wednesday.

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Valerie-Jael said...

Beautiful ATC you made, I'm sure the recipient loved it. Your craft room looks very tidy, mine never does, I function better in chaos. Have a nice day, Valerie

Helen said...

I did see the atc in Julia's post. well done! she is our queen of desks indeed. Helen #1

Sarah Brennan said...

Hi Bleubeard and Elizabeth, I am hoping your ATC arrives today. Unfortunately a bank holiday on Monday meant no post so everything is running behind. I will let you know when it arrives. Love the special one you made for Julia. I am a neat freak too, i know exactly what you mean about tidying away then having to get the same stuff out again for a project lol. Have a great week. Sarah #8 PS Don't worry about leaving comments, a visit alone is great.

froebelsternchen said...
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froebelsternchen said...

A fabulous ATC Elizabeth and what a wonderful space to work. Your Singer looks super! I am sure it is much better working than my Singer and Brother together. I hate the irks and quirks of them. The Singer is from my mom and fairly old ,the Brother I have for more than 25 years as well and o.k. both did an amazing amount of sewing already - both have got little fissures on their plastic body exactly there where the thread becomes easily entangled . That's annoying and I tried to fix the problem with all kinds of tricks, but it happens often again that the thread gets caught.
I decided to invest in a new better machine as I really want to start patchwork and quilting in the near future - but with my two old cheap edition machines I will not come far. But for sewing paper they are still super!

I am thrilled about the amount of ROCKING HORSES Elizabeth!
You are a rocking horse queen!
Happy WOYWW for you my friend!

Annie said...

I loved the ATC you made for Julia. That’s a lot of rocking horses....many years of collecting and I’m sure each one holds a memory.
Annie x #12

My name is Erika. said...

Can you send a little bit of your neatness my way-please? My whole house is sliding into a slightly messy state right now-too much time in the garden and work-I need some inside home time! (one of these days-like when school is done) I love seeing your rocking horses and your studio space. It is fun to see where other people work. Hope you have a super Wednesday. Hugs-Erika

My name is Erika. said...

Oh, and nice ATC too!

Shaz Brooks said...

Hi Elizabeth, ear scritches to Bleubeard. Love the ATC you made, so fitting. Nice to see a rocking horse again!What an intricate beauty that is. Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #6 XxX

Angela Radford said...

Love the ATC and what a smart rocking horse! I wish my workspace was so tidy, you put me to shame Lol! Have a lovely woyww and happy crafting, Angela x16x

CJ Kennedy said...

What a fun ATC. I love the crown at a jaunty angle. Such a pretty rocking horse. Is it a music box?

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Your ATC is one of my favourites this year Elizabeth - such a clever idea! The arty surreal photo at the top is also good fun, my husband has been doing something similar at camera club, where he turns the zoom during a long exposure, the results can be hit and miss, but It's good to try something different!
Hugs LLJ 11 xxxx

Sarah Brennan said...

Update! Your fabulous ATC and beautiful hand made paper arrived this morning. It's a lovely postage stamp on the envelope too. I will show them off on my desk next week. Thanks! Sarah #8

Neet said...

Oh Elizabeth, I am sorry my atc's have not arrived with you as yet. What a fabulous idea you had for yours to Julia. She is indeed our Queen of Deskers.
Love the rockers.
Love as usual to you and you know who.
Hugs, Neet 4 xx

Nikki C said...

Oh my 460 rocking horses that is a huge collection in my books WOW. If you ever choose to join Facebook don't put your real last name alter it you could be Elizabeth bleubeard and only people leave out a lot of the details it's asks for seeing a lot of it is optional. Hugs Nikki

Caty said...

What a so so wonderful Atc Elizabeth !! Really beautiful. Your rocking horse is fabulous!! Love your little dresses, and your art studio is so tidy!! My sewing machine doesn ´t work, uff... I have to do something with it.
I wish you a very nice afternoon, big hugs, Caty

Diana Taylor said...

Aha, a fellow neat freak - I do exactly the same as you, getting stuff out and putting it away in the middle of projects even though I'll need it again soon - I find it helps creativity to have an uncluttered desk. Only trouble is my studio isn't half as interesting as yours when it's tidy so there is very little to see most of the time! I do love your wonderfully arty space.
Hope you have a great week,
Diana x #21

Twiglet said...

So many beautiful ATCs and yours is lovely. We have loved opening all our little envelopes and enjoying the crafty/arty activity within. Your little horse rocks! x Jo

da tabbies o trout towne said...

this is a really nice piece Elizabeth ☺☺ ~~~~ we've been offline for a few N hope thiz finds you bleu and squiggles doing great !! the detail on this rocking horse is amazing; almost like he came off the merry go round and set himself to "miniature" ! ☺☺♥♥

Heather Marshall said...

Hi Elizabeth, I love the Queen Julia ATC- very apt! I am turning into a neat freak, only because my memory is shocking since my cardiac arrest and I simply forget where I have put things. Thanks for stopping by earlier. I now have a few ideas to consider for my stamp storage. Have a lovely week Heather x #13

Meggymay said...

Its a super ATC and a great way to use the stamp.
The Rocking Horse looks gorgeous and you have a wonderful collection. I have enjoyed seeing the photos of them that you share here on your blog.
Yvonne xx

Shoshi said...

A clever and fun ATC, Elizabeth! And so nice to see a new rocking horse. They are such interesting things to collect. Thank you for your lovely comment and birthday wishes - I've had a really lovely day. So glad you like our kitties and garden!

Happy WOYWW,
Shoshi #3

Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

I so wish I could be a neat freak it would make my life so much easier!! What a wonderful collection of rocking horses now that would be a happy gathering indeed.
Thank you for your visit yesterday, managed to clean up the mess the storm brought in and identify where the leaks were coming. Hope those storms have not created any damage your end and you will be outdoor crafting very soon.
Creative wishes Tracey #9

Sue said...

Hi Elizabeth, Fab ATC for Julia.

Love the rocking horse ornament.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Sue #14

Lindart said...

Great post, love your BIG craft room! I too find myself putting things away after I use them, and say to myself "WHAT????" I didn't used to do that. Maybe I will revert back to my old ways at some point! I had to tell myself this week not to put things away so I could take my desk pic! very creative ATC for Julia, I'm sure she loved it! Have a great week, Lindart #25

Stacy Sheldon said...

Hi Elizabeth, Oh wow that is some collection of Rocking Horses you have :) That is a very interesting ATC :) ~Stacy #24

Kim said...

Happy Belated WOYWW! I need a time machine! I love your rocking horses-what an awesome collection. (Hmmm, did you get the US Stamp? I wonder if I have one lying aroung--but it was a few years ago) Speaking of stamps, I hadn't heard of the scented ones...must be UK issued; and if in the US, my Dear Hubby, who works for the USPS will get his butt kicked if he had them and didn't bring some home!!! Have a wonderful week, and thanks for stopping by!
-K #29

Incipient Wings said...

this is a great seeing your craftroom. I'm like that too..I like keeping things neat.
love the artwork you have created..
I love the dresses..I remember doing that fun!!

glitterandglue said...

Hi Elizabeth. Finally I have some time to come visiting! Over 400 rocking horses??!! I think your home must be incredibly large! Loved the first picture this week - very arty!
Take care. God bless.
Margaret #7

Kelly said...

Hi Elizabeth & Bluebeard! Thanks for your visit last week. You've received some lovely pieces of artwork. I love the one you sent Julia. That rocking horse is gorgeous. Lovely detail. Sorry Hughes Net isn't available in your area. I really do have good connection most of the time.. 99% I'd say. But their customer service does leave something to be desired. LOL At least I could understand this representative. If you do find it available, please let me know and I'll give you a referral code to save us both a few pennies better spent on crafting ;-) LOL Creative Blessings! Kelly #28

pearshapedcrafting said...

Oh Elizabeth! I love that you are so neat - mostly I do tidy as I go along but recently my floor has become another storage area! Hoping to find time this week to get some to put away! Hugs, Chrisx

Jeanie said...

LOVE england's queen and seeing your studio. And the rocking horse is just wonderful.

Catching up after a week away and might miss something but thanks for telling us about Wichita on my blog about where we live. I loved reading the comments in that post -- they were much better than the post -- and I loved hearing about where you live!