Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Second on the 2nd: Advent calendar

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Welcome to year 3 of Second on the 2nd.  I think it's exciting because I was simply thrilled this once monthly event has lasted this long.  This second look is a bit different from others I have shared over the past two years.  Instead of showing one post, I'll be sharing photos from many posts that occurred over the 25 days leading up to Christmas.  Please be aware I had a HORRIBLE camera back then.

Here is how I began this 25 day adventure I posted in 2010:

25 Days of Christmas: My altered advent calendar

A few years ago, I made this Advent Calendar from jewelry boxes. I filled each one with something that could be used in altered art. 

It's no secret I decorate my house with trees, and this is the funkiest tree I own. And it's the only one I made from scratch, too. Although I open it every year, I get a smile on my face with each box, because I only remember Day 1 and Day 25. The rest are always a mystery to me until I open them.
Day 1 begins at the top with the only blue box in the calendar.

It is only appropriate that the tree topper would be a star. This one is made of red felt, something most altered artists own. Happy first day of December and 1st day of Advent.

That was the first advent calendar post.  Now it's time to fast forward to the rest of the advent tree calendar.  It appears I forgot to mention that these boxes are all velvet jewelry boxes given to me by my foodie friend Sally.

Here is the tree with all the boxes opened.  It represents many things an altered artist would use in her/his art.

Now I'll share a few of my favorites.

Here is a recap of Days 1 through 3.   The lid of the star holds some of my handmade paper and a piece of paint chip sample. The Snowman is 3 buttons with toothpicks for arms.

I used miniature playing cards and a bingo marker for Day 3.

This is a metal elephant found in Box 5.  The background is a small version of part of a wallpaper border sample. Lowes (a big box home/hardware store in the US) used to give these out instead of wallpaper samples. I haven't seen these small strips in years, but I was glad I picked this one up, since the palm trees seemed to go so well with the tiny brass elephant.

Here are boxes 1 through 5 open.

Day 11 has one of my favorite box decorations.  I used two matching African beads to denote the day.

This is a photo of Days 7 through 12 open.

Day 14 shows bottle caps and Day 15 includes a small coin envelope filled with money.  One coin is international and real.

When I opened Day 18, I smiled because this honors the fact I've started sewing in my altered books and mixed media projects.

For Day 19 I covered a slide mount with Braille text.  To that I added two tiny clothespins.

Day 20 started with a map for a background, then I curled a piece of wire and added a small compass.

Here are Days 11 through 21 with the boxes open.  You can see fibers, ribbons, and a tag hanging from Day 21.

I can't say Day 22 is necessarily a favorite, but I colored cardstock and punched many, many hands that I turned into a wreath.

For Day 24, out popped a set of vintage sparkly earrings. Now I could have altered them, but at the time I made the box, I just couldn't bring myself to do so. They look too sweet this way.

It's really hard to see this dimensional ribbon with my old, worthless camera

and maybe even more difficult to see from the top.

Now it's time to see the tree open one final time.

Thanks for joining me as I looked back on this advent tree that holds altered book embellishments I created using velvet jewelry boxes.


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16 thoughtful remarks:

Valerie-Jael said...

Happy 2nd on the 2nd. That's a great advent calendar you made, I haven't seen it before. Hugs, Valerie

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Happy first Second on the 2nd in 2018 Elizabeth! Wow - a fabulous and special Advent Calendar was this! A wonderful unique idea and created so well!
oxo Susi

kathyinozarks said...

This is amazing Elizabeth! I love it and I am so happy you showed us what was in the boxes. this is really clever and creative-so glad you shared this post on again so I could see it. Happy second on the 2nd. I really enjoy this event hugs Kathy

My name is Erika. said...

How fun! Do you change it out every year? I think it must be exciting to open a box every day and find some cool little trinkets. It is certainly one of the most clever thing to get each day in "box". Glad you shared this as I have never seen it! Happy January 2! Hugs-Erika

CJ Kennedy said...

Your Advent tree is too clever. Oh, I love it! Such a great idea. I enjoyed peeking into the boxes to see the little surprises. I may have to steal this idea. Thanks for sharing

Birgit said...

I love your advent calendar because it is inventive using the velvet boxes to showcase what is behind the “door”. I want to make an advent calendar and hope to achieve this for 2018 Christmas.

Meggymay said...

This is a fabulous project Elizabeth and such a great idea. The contents of the small boxes look awesome.
Yvonne xx

Cindy McMath said...

This is a wonderful advent calendar Elizabeth - such a cool idea! I have to admit I don’t remember seeing it (which could be like how you are surprised by what’s in the boxes every year - I got a kick out of that - or maybe I truly missed it), so I’m really glad you gave it a second showing.

Also really pleased to hear you’re going to join me in the 365 project! I too hope I haven’t bitten off more than I can chew but I think it’s doable, especially because I could sit down and make seven things once a week if need be. Yesterday was the last day of my winter vacation so I prepped about 8 recycled cards with gesoo and scrap paper from my table so I feel like week one is in the bag and week 2 is already started. We’ll see how the momentum goes throughout the year. So much can happen in a year! Looking forward to seeing your collages.

Darla said...

Enjoyed the advent calendar. I especially liked the brass elephant. Such fun to see how you filled each box.

Eileen The Artful Crafter said...

This is just the cutest Advent calendar I've ever seen, Elizabeth! How can you leave all that darling stuff in there year after year? I'd be tempted to snatch a few each year and replace them with new little bits.

Thanks for sharing this 2nd look at something I missed the first time! Hugs, Eileen

Sandra Cox said...

What a great advent calendar. I love it.
Dear Elizabeth, your memory(Remembering only 1 and 25:) sounds perilously close to mine. Grin.
Have a day filled with sparkle.

Divers and Sundry said...

What a fun Advent calendar! We have a felt one and a number of card-stock pretties we've bought through the years, but I think the little treasures behind your doors are a treat :)

Halle said...

Love that advent calendar...had forgotten your bad camera. Glad you got a new one. :)

Jeanie said...

This is such a cool idea! It would be fun to do this with a friend and fill each other's calendars so you didn't know what was in there! But at least you forgot. I think that's so clever and loads of fun. I'd love to fill one of those!

pearshapedcrafting said...

I have never seen this before and I must say I am really impressed! I love that you couldn't remember what was in the 'doors'! Big Hugs, Chrisx

Incipient Wings said...

What a great idea!!
This is adorable:)