Friday, September 15, 2017

Paris, Paris, Paris

Can anyone truthfully say they can be tired of Paris?  I know I certainly can't.  Therefore I'm once again joining Wendy who is hosting Tag Tuesday this fortnight with her theme Paris.  I thought I would provide a few step-out photos of how I created my Parisian tag.

I began with a purchased tag (for a change), a pallet knife, and gesso.

After removing the string, I applied a thick layer of some very runny gesso.   I was hoping for something a little older, but had to use what I had on hand.

After allowing the gesso to partially dry naturally, I used a heat gun to provide the texture I was hoping for.  If you want paint or gesso to bubble and crack, wait a few minutes for a very slight skin to form on at least part of the paint or gesso, then apply the heat gun.  This is basically what I was going for because it reminded me of the walls of some of the houses I've seen in French photos.

Using my fingers, I colored the tag with a blue pan pastel.  I chose blue because it is one of the colors of the French flag. 

I had wanted to use some Paris inspired washi tape ever since I won some beautiful gifts from Gaby.  The gifts were wrapped in beautiful paper and washi tape. 

I printed and fussy cut this flower filled shoe that I colored using water-soluble red and white crayons gifted me by Cindy last Christmas.   I know you're going to ask why I am using so much pink in my art, even though it is one of my least favorite colors.  The answer is, as I'm slowly cleaning my office, I found a ream (500 sheets) of pink printer/copier paper.  So the color pink is here to stay.

Materials used to create this piece include gesso, pan pastel, washi tape, variegated thread, and a fussy cut design I had stored on my computer.

Of  course, I also wanted to once again join Yvonne of Meggy's Way who is hosting Art Journal Journey this month with her chosen theme of Colo(u)r in my World.

My world today is quite colorful, but once again, points to Paris.

Starting with the right side, I have more washi tape, also gifted me by Cindy. I sewed more pink across the back of both pages, which will not sit side by side once it's added to my scrappy journal.  The quote:
I love Paris in the springtime.
I love Paris in the fall.
 Obviously, it was written by an American, because autumn is the preferred word for "fall" by many in other countries, as it is with me, too.  Although Ella Fitzgerald and many other famous artists sang it first, including Charlie Parker, apparently Frank Sinatra put the song, written by Cole Porter and published in 1953, on the map.  It was a song from the movie Can-Can and on the album Come Fly With Me.

More of Cindy's wonderful gifted washi tape was added to the bottom of the right page.

For the left side, I included
April in Paris,
Oh how I love thee
Written in 1932 by Vernon Duke and Yip Harburg for the musical Walk a Little Faster, Count Basie and Sammy Davis Jr. were the most popular artists to record it.

I couldn't stop there, though.  I added even more washi tape I received at Christmas from Cindy.

For this spread, I began with patterned scrapbook paper, added pink printer paper, computer generated lyrics on orange printer/copier paper from two Paris inspired songs, washi tape, and a computer generated copy of a French ledger sheet I colored using red pan pastel.

Please follow these links to Tag Tuesday and Art Journal Journey (or click the visual links on my right sidebar).  And thank you for your thoughtful visit today as we once again visit Paris.

19 thoughtful remarks:

Valerie-Jael said...

Wonderful tag, love the BG, that's a technique I like to use, too. And great idea to add it into a journal page, too. Thanks so much for joining us at Tag Tuesday,much appreciated. Have a nice day, Hugs, Valerie

chrissie said...

Beautiful tag and journal page Elizabeth. Amazing idea to use the tag on a page

Thank you for joining us at Tag Tuesday

Love Chrissie xx

froebelsternchen Susi said...

This is just another amazing spread with this beautiful tag Elizabeth!
I love everything about it- the sewing the washi tape - the background of the tag that nearly looks like an old wall -
perfection !!
I am really glad to see this amazing spread linked to Yvonne's theme !
Happy start of the weekend to you!
oxo Susi

Meggymay said...

Awesome Paris tag, I love the background and the softer colours you are using.
The journal spread is fantastic, I am in awe of your stitching, the washi tape looks so interesting as well as the other details you added.
I am so thrilled you added this to AJJ, I am loving the colours in your world today.
Yvonne xx

Dortesjs said...

I have never been to Paris ! soo...but i do love your journals and great put together.

Let's Art Journal said...

Beautiful Paris tag and the texture you have created is amazing! I only found out about the heat gun gesso technique the other day from one of my friends, so I tried it out yesterday on a page too 😉. Using the Pan Pastels was genius, I love the results and thank you for the tips. Your colourful world of Paris is perfect with those fabulous washi tapes too 😁. Wishing you a Happy Friday and Weekend dear Elizabeth! J 😊

My name is Erika. said...

Now I have that song in my head. It's a good one though! And it's perfect for that tag Elizabeth. What a beauty. Then you added it to the page and now the art is even better. You outdid yourself. :) Lucky you to have that great shoe image. It is quite French, isn't it? Hope you have a great Friday! hugs-Erika

CJ Kennedy said...

A very cool technique on the tag.Pink is not my color, either, but it works well with your Paris theme. I like all the song quotes and the bit of history that goes with them. Have a great weekend!

Linda Kunsman said...

Ooohhh be still my heart!! I love Paris any time of year and oh how I LOVE both your tag and journal spread!! Those washi tapes are wonderful and wish I had some of those in my stash. You have outdone yourself Elizabeth!

RO said...

Isn't washi tape the best creation ever? There's just so much you can do with it. As always, I marvel at your creativity, which I don't have. (lol) The best I can do with my tape is string it along my Planner for neat color ideas. (lol) Kudos to you for another great piece of artwork and Happy Friday! Hugs...RO

Jeanie said...

I'm so pleased you guys are doing Paris because it IS my favorite! And so much potential for creativity. I love what you did with both the tag and the spread. And I especially love your excellent technique explanation. I have never done that with the gesso and I think I'll have to try. And the pan pastels make for an exquisite look! It was beautiful even before the collage and that doesn't always happen!

I'm so glad you liked the Quebec murals I posted -- I think those of us who are into art really have a sense of the work behind it!

Happy weekend, Elizabeth.

Corrine at said...

What a simple and effective way to get the "French" look on your tag. It so reminds me of all those old plaster walls. Not that I have ever been to Paris, but they are certainly shown in lots of movies and travel shows. Nice composition to highlight the texture. Ooh La La. xox

pearshapedcrafting said...

Oh my Elizabeth! This is the most beautiful journal page! Such a great way to use that gorgeous tag! It is SO Paris! Hugs, Chrisx

kathyinozarks said...

this is great!! I am enjoying all the Paris posts very creative

Cindy McMath said...

This is a beautiful page Elizabeth - your tag is simply lovely. I never tire of Paris either - I would go back in a heart beat! When I went for a long weekend about 1.5 years ago I truly thought - this is a city I could live in (despite next to no French vocabulary - everyone was gracious and most people spoke very good English). Interesting about the fall / autumn usage - I hadn't thought of that before. Being from Canada we tend to be bilingual (and I don't mean our official languages of English and French, but rather British and American - haha).

Lowcarb team member said...

I've never visited Paris.
Loved your tag.

All the best Jan

Pamela Gerard said...

I love Paris and I have been there in the cold and snow and the heat and everything in between....on my wau again next month and I already started a Paris book of collage.....i love your tag, Elizabeth......if I had it I would put it in my Paris collage book....I'm just sayin'....bien sur.

Linda Manning Findley said...

Super job "E" ... love all the texture you are getting with the sewing and layering ... the tag is awesome as well as the rest I am just really in love with the tag ...


roth phallyka said...

Thanks so much for joining us at Tag Tuesday,much appreciated. Have a nice day, Hugs, Valerie