Monday, June 19, 2017

ICADs from June 12 through 18

Here are this week's ICADs or Index Card a Day.

For Day 12, I chose this image of Cavallini's Phrenology.

On Day 13, I simply had to create something with a heart.  I thought this Mother and Child Reunion sounded right and it brought to mind the song written and sung by Paul Simon.  Simon's strange, dark lyrics have nothing to do with the joy of this mother as she greets her child.

Day 14 was Flag Day in the USA.  Of course, I had to honor the flag, something we seem to have gotten away from doing lately.

For Day 15, I created a bit of humor when I made this piece entitled "Color Theory."  It has nothing to do with real color theory, as it was a tongue in cheek entry.

For Day 16, I found this black and white  giraffe in a magazine and decided to create my own color using paint markers.

On Day 17, I threw some lavender paint on an IC, then sewed various scraps to the page.  As I predicted, the yellow vellum helped turn the lavender brown where the two colors met.

Day 18 honors Father's Day in the U.S. with this manly stamp I colored.

Thanks for visiting today, because this is the only place you will find my ICADs.

13 thoughtful remarks:

Valerie-Jael said...

Lovely ICADS again, you seem to be having fun with the. My fave today if the first one, that image used to be on our biology book at school.Hugs, Valerie

Helen said...

some great ICADS again.

Sami said...

I like the black and white giraffe and the Mother and child reunion.
Have a great week Elizabeth and thanks for always writing a wonderful comment on my blog.

sheila 77 said...

Hello Elizabeth and Bleubeard (and Squiggles too if he's around).
I love the freedom of your Icads and the fact that there is no digital interference, they are all pure art.
The Plaid Giraffe is fun, I think he likes the coloured rug you gave him.
Color Theory - haha! I do like your own colour theory, much better than the usual boring colour wheel idea.
The Horse and Foal inside the heart are very touching, it's a lovely Icad.
And the others are fascinating too.
I think you are having fun making these Icads.
Thanks for your visits to my blog and your comments. They always warm my heart.

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Super ICADS - my favourite ist the Cherish today one!

My name is Erika. said...

Nice ICADS. Of course now that Paul Simon song is in my head. Lol. Hope it's a great new week hugs erika

kathyinozarks said...

These are Great!

Cindy McMath said...

Oh these are all wonderful Elizabeth. I love the first one. I've only seen this image in a big, full sheet size. I love their papers. Mother and Child Reunion is very sweet - I love the addition of the sheet music to reference the song (which I'm sure I'll be humming today), Your description of the colour theory card made me smile. So did the plaid giraffe, because, well, who wouldn't smile at a plaid giraffe? Also loved your Man with a Gun! Card and how you coloured the postage stamp. To your comments - I don't wears glasses consistently, just drugstore reading glasses for up close work, depending on the day and how tired my eyes are. :). Also, I'm glad you liked my product comparison, which was of course inspired by your pastel post - I've posted an update on the Gelato Situation - haha - and have had some better results over gesso. And I'm glad you've made friends with the crayons I sent you. Last but not least, thank you always for your thoughtful comments - I appreciate every word.

CJ Kennedy said...

Wonderful ICADs. I like the different styles. Serious, playful. My favorite is the Cavallini. I love the colorful brain. My vision what an artist's brain must look like. Kudos to you for keeping up with the challenge

Eileen The Artful Crafter said...

Lovely and clever ICADs, Elizabeth. I especially like the Cherish Today one. I love how you've made almost every one symbolic of the particular day. That seems like it would be a good gratitude exercise I should try. Congrats on keeping up with a daily challenge like this!

pearshapedcrafting said...

Wow! I couldn't choose between them - they are all so brilliant - Love the colours on the Cherish Today one, Mother and Child reunion - of course I love this one, the head - a great retro look, Flag day is fantastic. I love your colours on Color Theory and the Plaid Giraffe and then there's the brilliant understated Man with a gun! You are so clever Elizabeth! Hugs, Chrisx

Meggymay said...

Another amazing set of cards, you have so many wonderful ideas. I was drawn to the one that said Cherish Today, something that should be done by us all.
Yvonne xx

Jeanie said...

I bow down to you, Elizabeth! Your dedication to daily art is such a treaure and you have made quite the collection -- all so unique!