Thursday, September 15, 2016

After school activities

We are half way through this month of Back to School art journaling at Art Journal Journey.  If you haven't already joined us, I hope you will put on your thinking cap and create something in your own art journal to share.

One of the important parts of school is play time, and many have chosen to emphasize that.  So today I have a double spread 

revolving around "after school activities." 

Norman Rockwell got it right when he painted this after school basketball activity.

And of course, my love of basketball took over when I embellished this page.

Times have certainly changed, though.

In the "Projects" in New York City,

empty lots are being converted to play areas, thanks to various grants, where children can play after school.

Materials used for the left spread include scrapbook paper as the background, a Norman Rockwell painting/print found in a book of Rockwell prints, computer generated text, and basketball and hoop embellishments.

Materials used for the right side include a calendar page showing disadvantaged children in their new play area embellished with crayola colored paint chip samples.

Bleubeard and I appreciate you dropping by today.  I may not say it often enough, but thanks for your support and encouragement.  Of course, I hope you'll also join us at Art Journal Journey, where this month the theme is "Back to School."

12 thoughtful remarks:

Valerie-Jael said...

Love the pages you made, and after school activities are always importANT. We always had lots of groups to choose from in the lunch break and after school, and I joined in a lot of them. Thanks for another wonderful page for AJJ, this theme and your pages are making me really happy. Hugs, Valerie

chrissie said...

Such happy pics Elizabeth and nice to see both of the images had something outside as a lot of kids just sit in front of the television playing video games these days. Love the sense of freedom in the second set of children.

Chrissie xx

My name is Erika. said...

I love how much fun these kids are having. And I love how you used a Normal Rockwell image too. They are so iconic, and this one is perfect for after school activities. I think kids still wait for the day to finish to go burn up some of that built up energy. I don't know if its still true but at one point a few years back lots of elementary school were dropping gym and recess, and music and art are always being cut too, so kids can learn more. Crazy, because every teacher knows kids can only absorb so much in a time before they need a little refreshing. Anyhow I wanted to thank you for the Margret Truman mysteries recommendations. I think I might have read one or two years ago but I don't remember them. I think I need to check them out again. And I am loving my new used sewing machine. I got an excellent deal on it which makes me love it even better! :) Happy Thursday. Hugs-Erika

froebelsternchen Susi said...

What a fantastic idea - You made great pages - and for sure are the "after school " activities very important for kids!

Thank you for being with us during the week I stayed with Val!
It was amazing and we had so much fun - it would be wonderful if we all could meet up once- we all would enjoy that - I am sure !

Thank you Elizabeth for your friendship and support for the challenge !
big hug

Meggymay said...

A wonderful spread and its so good to see children playing outside.
Many these days are glued to TV and computers from a very early age and not surprisingly they have to be taught how to play and interact with their class mates. School sport clubs are a really good idea for children who live in our cities where space is at a premium.
Yvonne xx

Sami said...

It's so important for the children to play outdoors, unfortunately most of them seem to play indoors in front of their computers or games machines.
Lovely pages Elizabeth.

Jeanie said...

Love the Rockwell -- and those kids look like they are having the best day ever!

Dianne said...

Hi Elizabeth! Love these pages...always wonderful to see Norman Rockwell images, and you've contrasted the times/eras beautifully...

sorry I've been MIA...lots going on here. not all of it good. hoping you are doing well, and would like to talk with you again when I have more time to spend on the conversation!

do take care...hugs!

Linda Kunsman said...

You sure are in your element with this theme Elizabeth! Really fantastic images you are using for your journal pages and I love how you were able to connect the older times with the present!

Rita said...

I adore Norman Rockwell paintings! This is just the best!
Have a super weekend. :)

Sandy said...

There was no one like Norman Rockwell! So much fun with such happy children!
sandy xx

pearshapedcrafting said...

I may have seen Norman Rockwell images but never knew anything about him! This spread is brilliant and certainly highlights how important after school play is! Chrisx