Sunday, February 28, 2016

A day of SHORTS

Today my friend Scott came by and worked his magic on my computer.  He did the best he could to keep it going for just a bit longer.  I'm hoping it lasts through the next six months at least.  So once again, I'm grateful to my computer guru who fixes my computer and gets it running once again.  I also called the phone company, and they did their magic to get my connection fixed.  So, it was a wonderful Sunday for me.  Now I hope to visit everyone again.  However, since I have over 1000 photos on my camera that need to go into PhotoShop, I'll leave you with something just before the Oscars (also known as the Academy Awards, which is an annual American awards ceremony where members of the film industry are recognized by their peers.  You must be a member of Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences or AMPAS to vote.)  So let's head to the Oscars.

Yesterday (Saturday, 2/27/) ended up being shorts and sleeveless tops weather, but it didn't start that way.

Although I wasn't bundled like most of the people in line,

it was still a bit chilly as I stood and waited for the theater to open.

It took slightly over seven hours to view all these shorts.  We were first shown the documentary shorts, which took nearly four hours.

Then we had a 30 minute break, where people could buy overpriced food and drink.  There was no time to go anywhere, because there were no fast food establishments anywhere close, and by the time I stood in line to use the "facilities" I had just time enough to take a quick look around the lobby.  I learned there were 20 theaters in all in this facility including an IMAX.

So I took a couple of photos and returned to my seat, where I next watched the animated shorts, then the live action shorts.

Upon returning home, I changed into shorts and

took my camera outside when I noticed it looked like spring instead of winter.  These tulips are going to bloom in a few weeks if the frost doesn't get to them.

Of course, I've been watching these three hyacinth beauties as they broke through the soil about three weeks ago.

To my amazement, I now have what looks like a fourth flower that may come up.  I am so thrilled that they are nearly ready to bloom, too.

I tried to get an overall shot of both areas that were blooming, but concluded
I needed a longer view that included the steps to my front porch.

I also decided while I was out shooting photos to take one of my "flower bed."  It will soon be time to cut back my rose bush, but I'll wait till the Naked Ladies (aka Amaryllis, resurrection lilies, surprise lilies) have died out a bit before I do that.

Then I moved inside and took pictures of what is left of my herb garden.

Sad, but true, this is all that remains, except for the lavender in the dining room, since I've moved the big dill pots outside.

I hope you enjoyed reading about these shorts and my flower bed today.  I'll be by to visit everyone after I see the Oscars which will begin in just a few minutes.  Thanks for being so kind to me while I was off line.  This has been a very trying time for me, even though I've tried to keep busy working and making art.  And thanks to each of you for your kind comments.

18 thoughtful remarks:

My name is Erika. said...

Wow- it really is spring at your house. Those plants are really coming up. How exciting. We were warm today but not shorts weather. We still have lots of snow piles around, but not total snow so that is good. And I wish we had theaters that showed movies like that in my area. How fun. Which was/were your favorite(s). Happy new week.

pearshapedcrafting said...

So pleased to read that your technology problems are fixed! The shorts day sounds good - I see that the Stutterer won the Oscar in it's category! (just watching Breakfast tv here for highlights!)Your garden is showing some good signs that Spring is coming! I am getting excited about seeing our caravan garden this week - been holding off because the bed is quite a lot lower than home but I am getting better at moving around now! Wishing you a good week! Hugs, Chrisx

Valerie-Jael said...

Glad you are connected again, love the photos, and the movie event looks fantastic. I can go home today. Hugs Valerie

voodoo vixen said...

Hi E!! Your lovely plants make me feel a bit springlike too and I am so happy that your computer problems are resolved hopefully for a good while! You are a better woman than me... I couldn't take sitting watching movies hour after hour and I hope you did get fed!!

Oh and question... do we have to do a tag for each page or just one tag for each peeps? I am head down bum up finishing some pages off before the deadline!! LOL

froebelsternchen Susi said...

The movie event must have been exciting -wow..
and all your plants are showing that spring will come soon..hopefully!
Good that you are connected to the world again..I missed you!
I hope that my butterfly lavender plants that I bought last year and had hopefully well wintered in the front of a big window in the basement - not too cool but cool enough - will sprout and bloom again ...
I didn't know that Lavandula stoechas isn't meant to not overwinter outdoors in our climate as I bought them. I hadn't bought them if I had known that.

Thank you my freind for all your comments on my blog- but you must not do this.. you are busy enough Elizabeth!♥♥♥


Darla said...

Glad you got your computer probs solved. Nothing is so frustrating. I rarely go to the movies and hardly recognize any of today's actors so I skipped the Oscars. I'm sure there will be plenty of news about them today so I may have a peek at that.

Sami said...

Spring is such an exciting time in the garden Elizabeth. Hope all your bulbs and flowers open soon.
The Oscars will show here tonight on TV, in fact in about 15 minutes, although the news has already broadcast who the main winners are, but it's always exciting to watch "movie royalty".

sheila 77 said...

What a nice blogpost, Elizabeth, I can almost feel that I was there, with you.
Isn't it awful that we feel so deprived if our computer is down, even for a few hours. I'm glad you have Scott to help you, that is invaluable. Glad that you are all fixed again!

Meggymay said...

That sounds an interesting movie event and all your photos are fantastic. The photos in your garden and home show spring is on its way, we have our snowdrops in bloom in our garden.
So pleased you got the computer fixed, I wold be lost without mine.
Yvonne xx

Jeanie said...

I hope your favorite shorts won! And how lucky you are to see such beautiful signs of spring. I fear we'll have to wait, though maybe not so long as usual!

Congratulations on the new and improved computer repair! I hope it holds up for your six month goal!

Sandra Cox said...

Oh how exciting, Elizabeth. Thanks for taking us with you:) And then to see the first signs of Spring in your garden. What a perfect day.

Dianne said...

woo...that's a long movie session! I didn't even watch the Oscars...I switched over to pbs for the Downton Abbey series...and they didn't even have on a real episode! It was a "Making of Downton Abbey" kind of documentary...disappointing, but still interesting. Next week is the last episode. Will be sorry to see it end.

Love the peeks at your garden, and the signs of Spring! hoping your flowers will not get frosted and will bloom profusely!! hugs...

Divers and Sundry said...

Mad Max won 6! Yes! :)

Thanks for sharing your wonderful plants. It's such a hopeful sight, with Spring on the way.

~*~Patty S said...

Scott sure is a lifesaver...glad he and the phone company took care of you E!
That was quite a movie marathon.
It must have been quite intense at times too because some of the documentaries deal with some really heavy issues. Such brave people to take on telling some of the stories. As much as I enjoy films not sure I could sit that long in a theater. Hope you enjoyed it.
Spring certainly IS popping in your neck of the pretty.
We have smidges of things popping but still have a long way to go. On a walk today I did notice how bleak everything looks.
Come on Spring we've been waiting :-)

Craftymoose Crafts said...

So glad you have a computer savvy friend nearby! Your temperatures must be even milder than ours--nothing popping up yet here!

Linda Kunsman said...

Glad you had such a nice Sunday with getting PC and phone repaired, then enjoying a day of shorts along with an afternoon of springtime delights cropping up, and then ending with the big Oscar night! I heard the documentary shorts were very intense and my friend couldn't even keep her eyes on most of it and wanting to leave, which she couldn't do as she was a guest of another friend. I know I wouldn't have been able to handle those shorts. See you soon for T day-must get to posting!

Anonymous said...

What would you do with out your bud Scott? What a good friend. Shorts, love shorts. Nice theatre although they are SO big now. Green and blooms, not here yet, but I did spy one lone johnny jump up viola. So maybe....xox

Halle said...

Look at your flowers coming up! Nice! We had a beautiful Saturday then it got cold again. The sun is out today promising warmer weather is on its way. Hey I rhymed. :)