Sunday, December 27, 2015

Heading to the Snowman's Ball and a catnip Christmas

 We're all heading to the Snowman's Ball.  But before we do, we're heading to Art Journal Journey where Valerie is this month's host.  In case you aren't aware of the December challenge, it is collage with journaling.  And although this might be a bit of a stretch, I'm also adding this to Moo-Mania and More where their latest theme is Christmas.

For this pre-New Year's affair, created in my Coll-AH-ge Too altered book, I recycled some gift wrapping paper and the rest of a napkin Valerie sent to me.  The words were computer generated using the "Shotgun" font.  I just love how the snowflakes show through the white of the snow people.

Although I received a lot of gifts under my trees this year, I will show them at a later time when I have a chance to photograph them.  Today is all about Bleubeard, Squiggles, and the gifts Sally and I gave them.

That lovely cat bed is for Squiggles, although Bleubeard has never had a cat bed.  Apparently she has a lot of love for Squiggles, because she has never given Bleubeard a gift at Christmas before.    Another strange dynamic for "our family" (mainly me) to ponder.

The two mice, also filled with catnip, are to be shared by the "boys."  Since Squiggles got such an elaborate gift, I gave Bleubeard the 50 lbs of catnip pillow.

I got the lavender cat collar on the left for Squiggles, and the small sized dog collar for Bleubeard.  That size fits his neck better, especially in the winter, when he's all fluffy.  The cat collars don't extend far enough for his big head.  But don't tell him, because his head is big enough already!

As an update on Journal 52, the web site is back, but there are no new prompts after week 50.  I keep thinking if I stick around long enough, I'll learn the last two prompts.  But I fear it's definitely time to call this project concluded.

Now that we've all seen what the "boys" got for Christmas, let's head to the Snowman's Ball after we visit both Art Journal Journey and Moo-Mania and More where artists are busy creating art for your viewing pleasure that fits these two challenge prompts.

Thanks, too, for visiting and supporting my art.  Bleubeard thanks you, too!

11 thoughtful remarks:

My name is Erika. said...

Bleubeard and squiggles got some lovely gifts this year. How did they enjoy their little mousie toys?

Valerie-Jael said...

Hi Elizabeth, I just got up here, so wish you a happy Monday and a good start in the last days of the new year. Love your gorgeous, colourful and very Christmassy collage, and thanks so much for your support for AJJ and MM&M this year, it is most appreciated. Your two felines have got some very noble gifts, as fitting their status, hope they both have fun with them. And I like the idea of a snowman's ball! Have a great Monday, hugs, Valerie

Susan Crowford said...

Hi there! I hope your Christmas was wonderful, Elisabeth! I called upon to share the things I've done, but there was a temporary mistake. Hope to hear from you soon. Lovely Christmas tree you have!
Hugs, Susan

Viktoria Berg said...

Love the Christmas spread! Although for us, Christmas is technically over now, and I can´t say I´m not a little relieved. For me, it´s been about making one ten-headed dinner after the other, with lots of dishes. Add to that some Christmas drama like the mum-in-law being collected by the ambulance just as we are coming to table (she is ok now), and I feel it´s been more work than relaxation! Still, we´ve been with family and friends and that is the real Christmas gift, isn´t it? I hope Squiggles is relaxing in the bed and both cats are having a good time with the catnip toys. :-)

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Oh wow.. I love those happy snowman's ball spread Elizabeth -really great how the layerd snowmen look!
The boys got wonderful presents - oh oh oh !
Maybe Squiggles allows Bleubeard to use the bed as well?! Would be very generous of him!
Thank you so much for supporting Art Journal Journey and Moo Mania & More again Elizabeth!
Hope your week starts good - we have springlike temperatures and so much sun ... for me it would be fine the weather would stay until March like this, but I fear we will get our winter however!

Nan G said...

What a fun spread, E! Love the snowman ball! Cat beds wouldn't get used here. :) The Girls prefer the furniture, my bed or a box...without the towel please! When they were kitties, they both slept in the bathroom sink but are wa-ay to big to do that now. :) ;) Hugs from Baby n T to Bleubeard and Squiggles.

~*~Patty S said...

Your Snowman's Ball sounds like fun and certainly looks very special and colorful with snowflakes in all the right places.
Hope the boys enjoy their new toys.
Some cats really get into catnip.
Fa la laa

Nancy said...

The cats were well treated for Christmas! I really like how image napkins look when used in a journal.

Halle said...

That's a great collage! Love the gifts for the boys... Wouldn't a giant sized bed like that be awesome!! All soft and fuzzy to curl up in without a care in the world! Miss Gracie got some hairball control treats and she favorite pink soccer balls.

pearshapedcrafting said...

This really is so cheery and it's great to see what "the boys" received for Christmas! I imagine that Squiggles will sleep well in that bed! Chrisx

Meggymay said...

This is a real happy page, I love the idea of the Snowmans Ball. Your two furry friends, have lovely new gifts from Santa. I wonder if they might both share the new comfy bed. my Meg got her new duck and is very happy.
Yvonne xx