Saturday, September 26, 2015

Journal 52, Week 39: I am

For Week 39 at Journal 52, Chelle's prompt was "I am."  Here's what Chelle had to say:
One of the most powerful things you can use art journaling for is to get to know yourself better and understand who you are.
I guess one of the things that turns me off about art journaling is the "touchy, feely" stuff so many artists insist on putting in their journals.  Many times those words focus on the negative, another thing I don't care for.  But, since this is a weekly challenge, sometimes we have to do a few things we don't care for and create art that doesn't necessarily fit with our way of thinking.  So for this prompt I intend to show who I am!

After awhile, I gave up trying to find appropriate words from books and magazines, and went with ones I created on the computer.

These are the traits I see in myself, and I hope those of you who read my blog also believe these describe who I am.  One thing you must understand.  If you are a cat owner, you know you NEVER own a cat, but are there to attend to their every whim.  Those of you who don't own a cat, consider getting a dog.  Dogs can be trained!

Thirty nine is the week number, but you can put it under the "I am" category if you like!   And I will always be Dr. E., Queen of FREE!

I hope you agree with my overall take on who I am.  One thing I should point out, although I failed to show it in a close up, is the phrase "Love Life."  That means that I love life, not that I have a love life.  That's a big difference and I don't want any misconceptions.

As always, I started with a used file folder that I spritzed with several of my handmade shimmering mists.  I found several words that fit in my file of words I keep for just such an occasion.  When those ran out, I created the remainder on my computer.

My blog and T Tuesday friend Rita asked if I was finished at Sally's.  No, I'm just taking a hiatus until her friend leaves.  She is having work done to raise and level her house and the basement has to be cleared, at least the part that will need to be raised.  So that will be the next thing I'll help her with.

Thanks for looking at my J52 entry, and thanks for all your kind comments.  I hate to admit this, but I was so exhausted from helping my friend, then cleaning up my own messes, I did very little on the computer today, and when I wasn't sleeping or resting with the cats, I was working in the yard.  I hope to be my "refreshed" self tomorrow. 

13 thoughtful remarks:

Viktoria Berg said...

Remember what they say when going through security procedures on airplanes? If oxygen masks are needed, put your own one on first, then help your children and other people. You are of help to no one if you collapse. This is easy to say, and harder to live by, I know... but take care of yourself.

Seems to me your selfportrait is pretty spot on. It makes me happy to see people having a positive estimation of themselves - I know too many who can´t think of a single good thing to say, but perhaps that is typically Swedish. We call it "Jantelagen", the law of "don´t think you´re anything special or of any worth".

Valerie-Jael said...

I LOVE your page and your wonderful self assessment. Your explanation of 'Love life' made me laugh - same here! I see you as a very caring, helpful, thoughtful and creative person, and with lots of humour. Your joy of living is always evident. Glad you realise that you are the servant of the cats, that's the way it is. They are the not so secret rulers of the world. Have a great day, take care, hugs, Valerie

Meggymay said...

A fantastic take on the theme and very personal. The words you choose might appeal to many, but not in the same way as they do for you.
Yvonne xx

johanna said...

i love the positive words you found for this Task! and you did well to start printing them on the pc, there are so many beautiful Fonts out there and seeking for certain words in magazines is a frustrating Job, takes way too much time we can use better, can´t we?
i think it is good how you put the word "organizer" in the middle, as this seems to be one of your greatest skills at the Moment!!

Lynda Shoup said...

You have me absolutely fascinated by what an example of "touchy feely" stuff on an art journal page looks like to you. I immediately started flipping through my journal and wondering. I have come to no conclusion.

Anyway, I love the positive affirmations here. Wonderful words to live by.

TwinkleToes2day said...

I really like this page and your self reflective words are great, but you forgot an important one _ Inspiring _ You inspire in so many ways Elizabeth and I am grateful you are here.
Rest well, take care, and enjoy your Sunday :D

Rita said...

I like your "I am" page! I am another Love life without a love life--LOL! It's all good.
Boy! You need a good long rest. I can't believe you will have even more to do over there coming up! That's almost as much work as moving!! Grab some Zs and cat cuddle time while you can. :):)

Halle said...

This is perfect for you!! Love every phrase. Fits you to a T.

Carol said...

Love your positive page!!!! Please do rest up and take care of yourself ♥ You're pushing yourself a lot these days . Sally is so lucky to have you as a friend ♥

dawn said...

Hello! This is a great prompt, those words are powerful! Wonderful job describing yourself! Hope your having a restful day today, you need it.

I won't be around for T Time this week, my grandma, the one I help during the week and share on my blog has passed away. The services will be Mon and Tues so that will be taking my time and visiting family that's coming in for it. So have a wonderful week.

Corrine at said...

I like your attitudes about the journal and yourself. I like to think of the glass overflowing so I'm right there with you, no matter the circumstances. xox

pearshapedcrafting said...

Elizabeth you are also inspiring but I see that it has already been noted! I apreciate that you are so encouraging too! I know all about cats having servants! Chrisx

Craftymoose Crafts said...

I'm catching up with all your blog posts today so hopefully I will be ready to participate with T Tuesday this week.

I must say I really like your "I am" collage and think that it describes you perfectly as I know you. Funny, but what I saw "love life" in the first view, I immediately thought "Yes, she does!" You are always so upbeat, enthusiastic and supportive of other people. You are a joy to have as a friend.