Monday, August 10, 2015

T Stands For Avivo

Sally and I decided we don't want to take chances on restaurants we don't know anything about,

so we are headed back to Avivo TWICE, where we get excellent pizza every time we visit.

I convinced Sally to smile and she did it beautifully.  I love this photo of her.

While perusing the menu, we both drank our water with lemon.

After we ordered, I took a few photos of the ambiance,

including the chef who gladly put on a show for me as I snapped photos.

Sally and I both got pizzas.  Hers was tomato based with meat, mine was alfredo based vegetarian.

The second time we went

Sally brought her DSLR.  She has three lenses for it, but only brought the one that was on the camera, a 50 mm lens.

Once again, I got her to smile, while I tried to make sense of her instruction manual.

She has always owned Canon cameras, and this is her fifth she uses.  While traveling, she usually takes two that are point and shoot, and one that requires a bit of manual handling.  Recently, when we were at the zoo, she told me she found two more Canon cameras she might try using again.  HMMM!  That makes seven, but I never, ever see her using her camera.

This time the chefs were not as accommodating, probably because they were so busy.

So I entertained myself by taking a few photos of the restaurant.  Yes, that's the same purse I've owned for many years.  I just sent NINE purses to the thrift store because they are too large.  I think I've mentioned I'm a low maintenance gal who doesn't like to carry much in my purse.

Sally got calzone and I got what I thought was a veggie pizza with alfredo sauce.  Instead, I got a meat lover's pizza.  I didn't argue or send it back because the sausage and pepperoni actually looked good.

Sally said she really liked her calzone, but I only ate two pieces of my pizza and took the rest home where I shared tried to share the meat with my boys.  Yes, I know you aren't supposed to feed human food to cats, but Bleubeard stuck his nose up to the meat, and Squiggles sniffed, licked, quickly shook his head several times (the way cats sometimes do), then turned away.  Guess they are smarter than I realized. 

Did you ever order something only to find out it was not what you ordered?  Did you return it, or refuse to create a fuss, then end up taking most of it home?  Regardless, please share your drink experience with us for T this week.  It can be anything, including going out and about, reviewing a recent book you read or a movie you watched about a drink, making art, whether traditional, hybrid, or digital, taking photos of lovely and interesting tea or coffee events, or sharing your T day with us at home with a cup, mug, teapot, or other drinking vessel.  Please link your T post below and we'll be by to visit.

21 thoughtful remarks:

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Oh, that pizza and calzone make me wish I was having some for dinner! Nothing beats brick oven pizza! I don't care for any kind of meat on my pizza.

Sally has a nice smile! 7 cameras! I have 2 that I use most of the time.

Denise Price said...

I agree with Debbie, now I wish I were having Italian food for supper tonight. But we're having French toast, because we have some eggs that need to be used soon.

Your plan to only visit restaurants that you know sounded like a good plan to me...but I see that you nonetheless were surprised by your order on your second visit. I guess that life is full of surprises, just like they say.

My post for today is probably no surprise--it's my latest library update.

pearshapedcrafting said...

I love Italian food but at the moment we are still in French mode!!! Lovely photos of Sally - I wonder what you said to make her smile so broadly! As you can see we didn't quite get away as planned!! Happy T day, Hugs, Chrisx

jinxxxygirl said...

What a coincidence Elizabeth Hubs and i had pizza today too... at a new place for us. We usually go to the big chains.. if you know which i mean but we've been so disappointed lately that we tried something new and we were not disappointed!! It was soooo good!

Gosh what a great picture of Sally! More than one! Just brightens her whole face. You know years ago i would have probably just kept what ever it was that i didn't order and not make a fuss..... but anymore i don't do that...... When i pay good money for something and lets face it ... eating out is not cheap then i want what i ask for.....

PS... loving that strap on Sally's camera. Happy happy Tday! Hugs! deb

Craftymoose Crafts said...

E, I bought the cacti seeds in a shop while visiting the Grand Canyon several years ago. I do occasionally see them when the summer veggie and flower seeds come out, but usually just a pack or two at most-- almost like like got thereby mistake!

Karla B said...

I love Italian food. My grandparents are Italian and grannie used to make pizza and pasta at home. I can still feel the smell.How I miss her! Love calzone too!What's Alfredo sauce?What a lovely photo of you, my friend!So beautiful!

Carol said...

The food really looks good there!!! I love a great pizza and have become totally addicted to calzones this year.... I even made some from scratch last week that turned out great.. Italian food are at the top of my go to list ♥♥♥♥♥

Valerie-Jael said...

Lovely photos. That food looks great! I just got up here, and now I am hungry for Pizza! Have a lovely day, Valerie

Helen said...

the Pizzas look great, as does Sally's camera, very similar to mine. I think if I had wanted/ordered a veggie pizza and got a meaty one I'd have sent it back; but can see why you wouldn't.

froebelsternchen Susi said...

I wished a had calzone now for breakfast! Yeah ...
Happy T-Day E.!
The very first time I see Sally laughing- fits her perfect!


Lisca Meijer said...

Oh Yumm! Those pizzas look really nice. As does the Canon! No, not to eat but I used to own Canon cameras (in the days when I worked and had the money to buy them). I bougght an SLR about 10 yrs ago but I can't change lenses (it's a sort of hybrid). It has served me well and is still going strong.

~*~Patty S said...

Pizza and calzone are yummy treats and I enjoy watching the dough get tossed in the air. (btw I don't think it's too much to ask to get what you order when you visit a fuss needed).
Lovely smiling pics of Sally.
Growing up we would often have pizza on Saturdays. My dad would make it from a box kit made by Chef Boyardee and we would drink hot tea with it which was funny because my parents were coffee drinkers. (Maybe I've already shared that with you :-) (
Happy T Day E... oxo

johanna said...

it was not a good time going through your post being hungry... now i wish i had that Pizza, any Pizza...

love smiling sally´s photo - and can relate to the cat experience.

the only "drink" i could share is the one for the birds... but no birds here to photograph with my camera, which is not as good as yours. but i put out a large saucer for them today, as the heat wave´continues and everything is extremely dry.

Divers and Sundry said...

Your food looks good. I don't send food back unless what they bring me is something I can't eat. I'm sorry your food wasn't as good as it looks :(

She's certainly blessed with cameras! :)

see you there! said...

Nice to see Sally smiling. We only have pizza once or twice a year. It is one of those things that I always imagine I'm going to like better than I do when I get it. We've tried places that get high ratings from friends but still .... it is just not my favorite meal.

DH has Canon cameras. He used to do lots of photography, even at one point developing his own film. Not so much any more.


Anonymous said...

Dipping my toe back in after coming home from my workshop. Great photos of Sally, meat lovers, ugh, funny that even that kitties wouldn't eat it, what does that say. I know you have posted lots since I've been away, will get round to it as they say. xox

Halle said...

That was a wonderful smile from Sally! Your pizza looks amazing. I'm not a big fan of Italian food unless it's pizza or simple spaghetti.

Dianne said...

oh this food looks so I write this I haven't eaten lunch yet! but love pizza and looks like a cool place. amazed that you got some good photos of Sally smiling! she always looks so

I had my post up and ready last night, and then forgot to link up this morning! involved in other things. but here I am...wondering what everyone will think of the new look on my blog...;)

have a terrific week dear....and 7 cameras!?

Rita said...

If I got something different than what I ordered I usually tell them. I might keep it if is something that makes no difference to me but I'd still tell them. I used to work in restaurants and it happens sometimes. If yours is wrong then somebody else's order might be wrong, too, or the chef needs to stay on his or her toes better. :)

Ariel said...

The pizzas look yummy. They are a favorite of my kids.
Have a wonderful week Elizabeth

Krisha said...

Pizza is something I do not order very often, but when I'm hungry for it I'll scarf up as much as possible....LOL

Depending on how far off the order is, from what I ordered, I'll comment to waitress. If it is totally WRONG I will refuse it, unless it is eatable and they give me a in FREE discount.

Sally has a very pretty smile.

Belated T-day wishes