Sunday, August 30, 2015

Summertime photography challenge part 2

I've once again joined Rinda at Gallo Organico for the next installation of the 2015 Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt.  This year was harder than last year, and, although I hunted more this year than last, I seem to be coming up short on things like social media and card/board games.  Here is what I have for August.

1.  Bouquet of flowers (shown in part 1)

2.  Ornate door knocker

This may seem like a cop out, but I was getting desperate, so went to a local hardware store and took a photo of two.  Not exactly ornate, but as ornate as they sell!

3.  Person walking a dog or other animal (shown in part 1)

4.  Still need (people playing board or card games)

5.  Architectural columns (shown in part 1)

6.  A metal bridge (shown in part 1)

7.  A turtle (shown in part 1)

8.  A person plugged in to social media

I had almost given up on finding someone plugged in to social media, when I saw this gal at Sam's Club earlier this week.  

She was either reading a text message or sending one.  Thank goodness for a very long lens so I could discretely take her photo.

9.  A tent

I hope this qualifies as a tent, because it was all I could find.  I don't go camping, and I have no neighbors who do, either.

10.  A college or university

Ah!  My final alma mater.

It was fun taking a photo of our rather wimpy, but now famous (because of our basketball team that did so well two years in a row) mascot, the shock of wheat!

11.  Cell or tv tower (shown in part 1)

12.  Public restroom (shown in part 1)

13. A merry go round or carousel

For the merry go round, I looked long and hard.  I visited five parks in my city, one of which was private, and was so surprised there were none to be found anymore.  I ran across this post from a web site called Adventures in Syberspace.  Here are his words verbatim:
If you are over the age of 30, it is likely you played on a merry-go-round at your local park. If you're under 30, it is likely you did not. They aren't around anymore, and I'm certain it's because kids got hurt on them, their parents sued park districts, and so they took them out. How do I know this? Well, this law firm's webpage not only talks about the requirements for any current merry-go-round, but also has a handy form to fill out if your "child was severely injured from playing on a merry go round." You "may be entitled to compensation for medical bills and pain and suffering." They'll get back to you within 24 hours.
So, since I couldn't find a carousel, my absolute first choice, I went with this wimpy alternative they are now using to replace the merry go rounds in the US.  And if you live in the US, you will be lucky to find one.

14. Traffic lights (shown in part 1)

15. Flag pole with at least 3 flags (shown in part 1), but misread and showed four poles, each with a single flag.  I may have to disqualify that prompt and photo.

16.  A panoramic view (shown in part 1)

17.  Matching uniforms (shown in part 1)

18. An overloaded truck, bicycle, etc

I hope this truck was overloaded enough, because I chased it over a mile

and all I got were these two lousy mostly out of focus photos through a dirty car windshield!

19.  A ticket booth (shown in part 1)

20. A body of water (shown in part 1)

and a small man-made body of water I found at the zoo one week.

21. Photo of me holding sign

Yes, it's me with my sign.  It was taken on my front porch.  You might recognize me from my deformed hands, or my floppy over sized clothes I prefer to wear.  Remember please that Bleubeard is the face of this blog and I'm just standing in for him, since he doesn't like to write.

Alternate A, people eating outside:

These were taken on two different days in two different locations.  And no, I didn't know any of the people in either photo.

Alternate B, an umbrella

My friend Sally grabbed her umbrella right before it started to rain.

Alternate C, a rocking chair

I have several rocking chairs at home, but I really like this Adirondack rocking chair owned by my neighbor.

I still need people playing cards or a board game and hope to find it and possibly a flag pole with three or more flags on the same pole, during the last few days of this scavenger hunt.  Thank you for joining me on this photo hunt.  I appreciate your lovely comments, because they are much appreciated.

And just so you don't forget, it's once again time to do your own scavenger hunt by hunting down your favorite post from the past.  Please have it ready to share on the 2nd. 

20 thoughtful remarks:

Helen said...

good luck with the rest of your hunt... I have two (slightly tongue in cheek) comments... I think the photo of you with the hunt sign, is the most we've ever seen of you yourself, on your (Bleubeard's) blog.. I know I hate my photo being taken too but...
as for the roundabout (is that a British term?) merry go round thing - surely that would cause more injuries from falls than a proper one ever would? what a sad society we live in for sure... (oh, and did you see last week's Kew trip? not sure, (haven't checked the comments lately!)... didn't go yesterday, so at most you only have 1 to catch up on!)xx

Valerie-Jael said...

Good photos, and you did some good thinking and researching to find alternatives for those you couldn't get. The roundabouts have disappeared everywhere here, too - a sign of the strange times we live in! Loved the photo of you holding your sign, oversized sweats and shirts are my fave things to wear, too - I need to be comfortable. All in all, a fun post, thanks for sharing. Hugs, Valerie

TwinkleToes2day said...

I admire your persistence in this challenge. Most of what you've had to search for, I would have had to travel 20+ miles to see, But I do think it is a very fun challenge and have enjoyed seeing what you found :D
UK roundabouts in my area, have changed a lot over the years. There used to be ones called witches hats, that I mostly grew up with and were THE most fun of all of the designs, and then there's the most common one, where you stood and held on tight while others ran fast to speed it up, then jumped on, which imo, were the culprits for most injuries; but hey, kids loved em, and it's only the money grubbing parents who blamed the councils. Anyway, the current ones are quite ingenious, they have seats with pedals; so the kiddies are sat down, holding on, and pedal like on a cycle. If they fall off, it's because they let go! My Wee Man loves spinning so these are magnets to him. I'm grateful someone came up with a new idea for them.
Wishing you a good Sunday. I'm off to make our Christmas cake with Wee Man :D

Divers and Sundry said...

I've never participated in a photo scavenger hunt, but it sounds like fun. Some things that sound easy end up to be anything but!

Anonymous said...

Photo of you ha, well at least we know you are real, I think. I believe that merrygoround thing to be true. With the way everyone sues every, it's a wonder there are playgrounds at all. So glad I grew up in a time when we didn't worry about any of that and was luckily agile enough not to break any limbs usually swinging from willow branches. Good list and it does seem harder than last year. If I recall you breezed through that challenge. xox

Halle said...

You did very well! I still have a couple that I haven't gotten. I keep forgetting to snap a photo of the simple ones...

Linda Kunsman said...

great job on your scavenger hunt! Had to laugh about the one trying to find someone on social media connecting-gosh that is ALL you see everywhere around here!

Dianne said...

my goodness you've been busy! all over town, out and a kick out of the photo of you holding the sign! quite the sexy legs there, sweetie! ;) you are totally right about the merry-go-rounds...I think they're all gone. well, I might actually know of one in Clarksville Tennessee...but that's a long way to go for a photo! it was fun joining you on your scavenger hunt! ♥

Lady Ella said...

Great selection and you're doing so well. Your university entrance looks beautiful, and I'm in awe of your overloaded vehicle!! I have missed several opportunities for that prompt.(Grrr!)
Thanks for your generous comment on my blog. I fear the reason I have so many pics is more down to indecisiveness than anything else! :o)

Karen said...

You've done a great job! I can totally relate to you and the sign. I had my husband take multiples before I found one I was willing to post!

BJ said...

Love the knees in your photo BJ

~*~Patty S said...

Fun to see your photos and it's a good thing that loaded truck didn't go over a bump or well you know! ;-)
Cute pic of you eventho you are hiding from us. That is a favorite way to pose for me too.
You are really moving along with this hunt E!

Maggie said...

I can remember going on roundabouts in parks and they made you feel really dizzy especially if some little so and so pushed it too fast! Great photos. You have worked hard.

Cheri said...

Well if you can't find it on a door, seems Ace is the helpful hardware place (isn't that the jingle?). Love the photo of you with the sign! I haven't done mine yet. I'm in avoidance mode on that one!

Sian said...

A super selection of pictures, but I like the door knocker one best of all. I bow to your ingenuity.

Maria Ontiveros said...

Love the photos of your alma mater!
I didn't know you were in Wichita.

Jane said...

great photos, good thinking on the ornate door knocker!

JansArtyJunk said...

Fab collection of pics.... Well done on getting the over loaded truck and door knocker, I had to search high and low for these two!!! I looked everywhere for an ornate door knocker, in the UK (London, Essex ) and Gran canaria!! ...without luck!...then remembered that my M-I-L has one on her front door!! :)

A Bit of the Blarney said...

Well done! Had just driven through Wichita last month. Lovely city! Have a great day!

Becky said...

What a great selection of photos! I love the one of the people eating outside and also the overloaded truck. Good luck with the rest of the hunt!