Saturday, July 25, 2015

Journal 52, Week 30: The road less traveled

Today I'm joining Chelle at Journal 52 where Week 30's prompt is The Road Less Traveled.  According to Chelle,
The “road less traveled” is a saying that we often associate with the famous Robert Frost poem The Road Not Taken.   It’s a great poem to remind us that we don’t have to go where everyone else goes or do what everyone else does – it’s okay to take the offbeat path and see where it leads you. This is especially true for art journaling, because so often we see all these pages and we think, oh I need to draw faces, or I need to make pages using these supplies, or creating with these techniques – and while inspiration and learning new things are great – it’s important to know that within your journal pages you don’t have to do what everyone else is doing – and by doing that it stretches your creativity and helps you to grow creatively.
Actually, I have NEVER wanted to draw faces, or spend money on supplies I don't own and will probably never use once a certain challenge is over.  I know how difficult that can be at times, especially when someone is trying to get you to use new products you don't own. 

So, I willingly accept this challenge of the road less traveled which showcases process over product.

As you can tell, my road starts with my choice of media, most of which is found in my friends' recycle bins or my scrap basket.

Long time readers and followers know I'm known as Dr. E., Queen of Free!

I often choose and follow my own path.

When things are going wrong, or I don't have required products, I sometimes feel I'm swimming upstream.

But oftentimes I compensate because I can find what I need in magazines, calendars, and books.

At that point, when things finally come together, I  can relax and spend time with friends, including those on the internet.  Thirty signifies the week number!

Now that you've seen all the details, here is one final look at my road less traveled.

Materials used were (obviously) paint, magazine images, calendar images, a colored dictionary page from my scrap basket, and computer generated text.

Thanks for looking.  As always, I appreciate your visit, and I hope you'll find time to sit with me for a few minutes, too.

8 thoughtful remarks:

johanna said...

i´m so with you, elizabeth... most of the stuff we can use is provided by Junkmail, magazines and such. about fifteen years ago i was often tempted to buy some of that Little add-ons, until i realized most of them are just lying around until today. it just wasn´t "mine". mostly that is for the cute vintage faces which were all around. i soon got bored by them. and (like you, if i understand right) i don´t feel the least Need to draw a face. *not my Circus, not my monkey.* i don´t think i ever will.
my greatest weakness though were stamps. i bought a LOT in my first years of creating. but then... many of them are unused. so i really buy very few nowadays.
i love the way you illustrated your way of creating. thumbs up!

dawn said...

Hello Elizabeth!! Great words to live by and an awesome page!! You amaze me with your art and making do with what you have already and recycling things to fit. Keep up the good work!!

Happy Saturday, hope all is well with you! Can you believe it's the last week of July already??!! Going to catch up on your posts now, have a great weekend. xo

Craftymoose Crafts said...

That is just the way art should be...carefree and on one's own terms. Above all fun and fulfilling! Now I'll have a seat at the beach with you for a few!

TwinkleToes2day said...

You always depict your thoughts so very well; what you use always goes with what you are saying, and things link so well together. Another fabulous page :o))

pearshapedcrafting said...

This is such a 'true 'page - I do love buying new things for crafting and it's difficult not to fall into the 'it's new -it must be good '! Mostly I consider whether I have something I could use instead! You really are an inspiration on this front! I was looking through a couple of my journals yesterday. . and it seems I do like drawing faces. . . I just don't show them often! !!! I am on the brink of giving up on a challenge I had hoped to do for a year - maybe now I've seen this I will just crack on! Hugs, Chrisx

Carol said...

Great page! Expresses you exactly ♥

mackyton said...

Yeah, this article represents the way art should be. You are such a great writer dear. I am obsessed with your art and writing skills. Hey, can you please share some creative ideas for my birthday party that I’m planning to host at the outdoor party halls in Bay area?

Dianne said...

Made me's so you... dear E! I adore your can-do and make-do attitude...ever our upcycle Queen! ♥