Sunday, July 5, 2015

Journal 52, Week 27: Kindness

Over at Journal 52, our prompt for Week 27 is kindness.  I need to apologize to Chelle and everyone who visits, because I have not had much time to make art this week.  I've been busy getting ready for visitors, hosting a dozen people who ate, drank, and shot off (legal) fireworks in my back yard.  There should be an after party that includes clean-up, but that was left to the host and her two worthless furry helpers.

To top it all off, I tried to use my card reader to read my SD card, but it won't load.  I am not sure why, because I was able to take photos off it earlier yesterday.   But when I started to download the step out photos today, along with my T Stands For Tuesday post, I couldn't get the photos to load into my computer.

So I hope you have a bit of kindness for my art this week.

I started with one of my used file folders, and started to add gesso.  I realized I really didn't have time for the gesso to dry, so dry brushed the brush over the page.

It seems like every time I write something in my own handwriting, my brain gets ahead of my fingers and I make a mess of things.  In case you can't read it, it reads:
Show kindness every day, hour, and minute.

I found a card I thought sounded OK, but one word didn't fit.  Can't even remember what it was because I rejected it and placed a dymo label over it that was much more positive: happiness.

I love this quote from Mark Twain that I printed on a background I had made previously.  Yes, I was looking for any shortcut I could find this week.  If you can't read it, it reads:
Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.

I wrote the week number twice because I thought the scrapbook paper I added looked like it needed something to tie the piece together.

Here's a final look, now that you have seen all the details.

Thanks again for looking, thanks for your generous comments, and I hope to see you at Journal 52, too.

9 thoughtful remarks:

Krisha said...

You may not have all the time you would have liked, but you page turned out great.

Hope you get your pictures onto your computer.

Maarit at Violets Corner said...

It's a love page and a very true sentiment.

Love and hugs

TwinkleToes2day said...

Your page is wonderful Elizabeth and the quote is beautiful. Twain said so many lovely things.
I'm glad you had a nice party, but hat a shame you didn't get help to clear up, I would have stayed to give you a hand.
Looking forward to joining in on T Tuesday this week, I feel awful when I can't join in, but do try to visit people anyway.
Have a good day. {{Hugs}}

see you there! said...

I'm impressed that you keep up with all your challenges even if it means sometimes rushing. I think this one turned out well and like the quote a lot.


pearshapedcrafting said...

Love the peaceful appearance after your fireworks!! Chris

Halle said...

I like the use of the Dymo label to cover the unwanted word. Very clever.

Newell DymoUK said...


Thank you for sharing this absolutely lovely page, it is looking so spriley and alive with all the colours!

The use of the tape really does add an additional nice layer to the whole design and it is an absolute wonder to look at.

Thank you for making DYMO part of this challenge and I look forward to all your other submissions too!

With best regards,
Jesper K

Art @ Home said...

Your page reflects a Scandinavian study that proved that the happiest people are those who show gratitude. Lovely journal entry!

Linking from Journal 52,
Ricki Jill

Teresa Arsenault said...

That card is gorgeous. I like how you mounted it and I LOVE that you did art even when you didn't have time to go all out with it.
Saying hi from Journal 52, Week 27