Monday, June 8, 2015

T Stands For NOT Larry Bud's

A few weeks ago, my friend Sally and I went to Larry Bud's.  Please click on the name to revisit that post.  As I mentioned when I showed the establishment on May 11, we went there the last of March.  I also explained they were changing it to a Dueling Pianos Bar.

More than a few of you insisted I return to see what changes had been made, and the first thing I noticed was the new owners had no concept of the English language.  Even before I was out of the car, I saw the sign that should NOT have read "Dueling Piano's."  Some people have no understanding that an apostrophe denotes possession or a contraction, but practically never when denoting a plural.  OK, off my high horse, now.  English is my first and most precious language, so I take notice when words are misused.

The bottle of beer in the sign may have to be the drink of choice today, because I don't plan on staying any longer than to take a few photos.

I didn't remember this window before, but I know

the patio furniture had not been there before.  I even noted it was a shame there was no outdoor seating, especially now that summer is upon us. 

However, after another view of the neighborhood, 

I wonder how well received the live music on the patio will be in this quiet community.

It only took me three tries to get a photo of the dueling pianos

which is where the gorgeous Nehi sign had been before.

As I entered the establishment, I was met with this poster.  These must be the stars of the dueling pianos.

All the sports memorabilia have been replaced with art and a few musical instruments. 

I had missed these stairs before, probably because the door was closed the first time I was here.

Although I took several photos of the lovely tin ceiling, this was the best one due to the garish lighting.

The final display case was not much better.  Sad that all the sports memorabilia was gone and this was in its place.

The place was as empty as the day Sally and I came here. 

The big difference was, the booth where Sally and I sat when we had lunch had now been dismantled and all that was left were the distinguishing boards showing where the booths had been in the past.  Everything had been removed to make room for the stage filled with dueling pianos.

I looked for, but couldn't find a menu, so took another photo and exited without anyone noticing I had even been there.

This is the second time I've been to this establishment, and neither time made me feel welcome.   I'm sure your drink experience was far more satisfying than mine this week. Please share it with us, so we can visit.  Remember, it can be any drink experience, including art, photography, books, movies, or even a teacup, teapot, mug, or glass.  Bleubeard reminds you that the photos can be taken at any time, not just Tuesday.

21 thoughtful remarks: said...

You forgot the apostrophe when talking about the booths being removed for the pianos. The only drinking I did this past week is at a club my husband belongs to. Usually Sat. nights we play cards with friends. Sorry your second trip was not fun. L

jinxxxygirl said...

Well i see no reason for you to go back there Ms. Elizabeth! Not very impressed at all... I too have a love of the written word...and my eye goes right to the mistakes.... can't help it... just the way i'm put Ofcourse people love to use me for a proofreader... 'people' being my hubby and daughter have me look over reports and Happy Tday dear Elizabeth..please give Bleubeard a squeeze.. Hugs! deb

TwinkleToes2day said...

Oh dear, what a sorry place it seemed to be. I would not return for a third try.
I too, (to, two - haha), am one who gets annoyed at the lack of care with the English language. Particularly when it is so public; it's embarrassing and it makes for a poor first impression.
Happy T Day Elizabeth, Bleubeard & Squiggles :D

Linda Kunsman said...

Oh how I do love that ceiling!!! But, given the misspelling, the child-like display board, and the lack of feeling comfortable there I don't know if I'd go back either. Hope you find a great place to have a good lunch for next week:) Happy T day! Off to prepare for possible hail along with some severe weather.

Nan G said...

Not a place I would care to visit either. I miss the Nehi sign. Ooh the shameful way our language is slaughtered. I can barely stand to read the news online due to the numerous spelling and grammatical errors! Thanks for showing what the ol' sports bar turned into, Elizabeth. Hope you found a nice spot to have a spot o' tea. :) Hugs to all from me and the Girls

Carol said...

Well you gave it a shot ans it failed miserably so I wouldn't be going back for another try. The ceiling is nice :) It will probably be the weekend before I get to visit everyone this week because of my spur of the moment trip out of town. Hoping that the garden does ok with me there to rescue it :)

Julia Dunnit said...

First thing I noticed was the apostrophe. It bugs the hell out of me, and now I'm old enough to mention it. What I don't get is that the signwriter doesn't know his trade well enough to advise the customer in these cases. There was once a shop locally signed 'Babes Boys and Beauty's'. It was a drugstore. I did actually go in and tell the owner (the pharmacist) that the plural of Beautys is Beauties and that there was no apostrophe needed in this case. He just shrugged.
Apart from that, I'm pretty sure that this new management need help with their signwriting, decor and customer service. Bet the pianos are fantastic when they duel - presumably in the evenings, but let's face it, you won't be putting yourself out to go find out!

johanna said...

the second and last time i guess... really Looks not inviting. i also hope you will find a better Location next time.
and for the Apostrophe "s". i normally don´t say anything, because i don´t want to be picky, but you wouldn´t believe how often it is used here in this wrong way. so many Blogs writing of photo´s (when they are using the plural) and yes, often bars and Restaurants are doing so. incredible. call me a nit-picker, but it hurts.

Bridget Larsen said...

How funny you say you craft sweet and salty, so do I, if I eat something sweet I immediately need some chips to balance it out, maybe I have found my twin lol. hahaha you and Julia with your OCD on punctuation. I would have hi tailed it out of there too if I wasnt served or even given a menu. what great customer service NOT
Bridget #6

froebelsternchen Susi said...

I guess this new business concept there will not be successful ... can't believe that so many people like to hear dueling pianos - but maybe I am wrong - who knows?
I believe you that you will not visit this bar again- I wouldn't like it at all !
Nevertheless wishing a very Happy T-Day Elizabeth and thank you for the photos and that you shared them with us!

~*~Patty S said...

One of the first things that comes to mind is what kind of piano music? The "dueling" part also makes me wonder...all a bit of an odd concept.
Time will tell I guess.
At least they left that cool ceiling (probably only because it would have been too much of an expense to change it).
It seems that there are plenty of eating establishments to chose from in your area at least.
Happy T Day E!

see you there! said...

A fairly miserable looking place. The ceiling is the only feature that interested me. I can't imagine they will stay in business too long but maybe there are more dueling piano fans out there than I realize. It is always good to know where NOT to go should I ever find myself in your fair city.


Rita said...

The whole place has a cold look to it. And if nobody even noticed you were there taking pictures...what kind of service must they have?! I wonder if they are actually busy on dueling nights? Strange place, indeed. Happy T-Day, regardless. :)

Viktoria Berg said...

I am a regular reader of Divers and Sundry´s blog and realized that she wanted to link up today but was unable to do so herself, so I decided to do a good deed this afternoon. She has posted some very fine verse which is well worth a read.

Your tea-party looks like a fun thing. Perhaps I shall join next week?

Craftymoose Crafts said...

English grammar or spelling mistakes on a sign outside an establishment would make me run, run far away! I did not realize the building is situated that close to homes, an I wonder how much better or worse this will be than a sports bar which I imagine can also get pretty loud on game nights.

I guess I should start planning ahead since it looks like your link up is turning into more of a T Monday! I didn't even write my post yet!

Halle said...

The place looks very stark and boring. Hopefully the nightlife will make it least low lights would help. :)
It seems as if I'm already super late today and it's only 7:40 am!

Kelly Deal said...

Dueling pianos doesn't NOT sound like a fun evening! I would've been less then impressed with the cheap, handmade poster too.

Krisha said...

I just don't see this place lasting very customer service and a tacky looking place on the inside. I rather like what they did to the outside.....but not enough to frequent the place.

The girls loved you comments and thank you for adding your location, we be looking them up a little later.

Happy T-day

Denise Price said...

Hmm, maybe the place picks up more in the evenings. Anyway, I hope your next outing will be more fun.

Divers and Sundry said...

That lace won't stay in business long if they don't develop a more welcoming attitude!

I appreciate being linked in my absence, so thanks! :) I was on vacation and social media-less lol

Dianne said...

sorry I didn't make the link up this week...we made a trip to Tenn. to see our grandchildren! wonderful visit, busy... and HOT! 90 degrees or so I think. looks like you had a nice blog party while I was gone...♥