Monday, May 11, 2015

T Stands For Larry Bud's

I've been so sick lately, I haven't been anywhere.  I was so happy when I found these images on my SD card from back in late March.

The irony of this place is, it was a sports bar.

I say was, because my friend Sally and I had threatened to stop here on numerous occasions,

but never did.  I fell in love with this huge ad that took up a big portion of the front of the building.  I thought it looked very mid-century modern.

The building sits near a private lake, which I thought added to the ambiance, but there was no outdoor seating.

Inside, it looked like a typical sports bar (look at the gorgeous ceiling)

with lots of sports

memorabilia.  Much of it

revolved around Kansas teams.

Imagine my surprise when the owner came up to us and told us this was the LAST day it was to be known as Larry Bud's.  The new owner was turning it into a Dueling Piano Bar.

All the sports memorabilia

would soon be gone as they were to shut down for a few days in order to change the theme of the place.

I wanted to grab a large sheet of paper and do a rubbing over this beautiful metal.

I was shocked that they were turning this from a sports bar into a piano bar, but I was not the owner, so what did I know about such things?  Looks like I got a final photo of the menu, too.

Since sports bars seldom have vegetarian food, I ordered a chicken sandwich and water, and 

Sally ordered a patty melt.  Neither of us cared for our orders, and we gave each other a bite of our meals.  We both thought the food tasted old, or it had sat too long in the refrigerator.  We guessed that it was because they were getting rid of the old food menu, and we were the last of the suckers before it went into the garbage can.

We have been by this place several times since then, but I failed to get a photo of the new place.  The building looks the same, but the lovely Nehi sign is gone, as are any remnants of it being a sports bar.

Has this ever happened to you?  Have you been to a restaurant that was about to close or change its name and venue?  Regardless, share your favorite drink with us this week, and we'll be by to visit.  Remember the rules are simple.  A drink, any drink can be represented by art (digital, hybrid, or traditional), a cup, mug, teapot, etc.  Maybe you'll share a scrapbook page, or a favorite movie or book that focuses on a drink.  And drinks don't have to be water, coffee, or tea.  You can always go off the grid and drink a glass of buttermilk, or something we may not have heard of.  All you have to do is link below, so we can visit you, too.  And Bleubeard wants to remind you these photos or scans can be taken at any time, not just on Tuesday or not even this month, if you prefer.

25 thoughtful remarks:

Julia Dunnit said...

I'll have to come back with my Tuesday post, but wanted to comment anyway! I've been to a last night before a new theme you, accidentally. We had massive meals, but they weren't good...kinda like they just emptied the freezer out and hadn't changed the fryer oil knowing that it wasn't going to be needed etc. I'm thinking that a piano bar would be a popular theme given that it's nearby such a large residential estate.

massofhair said...

Hi Elizabeth, haven't knowingly been to a last night anywhere...

Your experience doesn't sound fun and i hope you are feeling much better now:-) xxx

Ohhh Snap said...

I've never been to a Dueling Piano Bar... I think I might have to google that lol. But I don't get out much, I've never even been to karaoke.

It's sad they served you such a poor meal.

Ohhh Snap said...

I got distracted by Dueling Pianos, and forgot to say I hope you are feeling better soon.

TwinkleToes2day said...

I have to say, I don't think your meals look so good either; perhaps it's good things were changing. I did love the stained glass panels in that window, and I too liked that ad board outside. Wonder what happened to it.
I'm so glad you are feeling better. Wee Man is joining you all today. Have a Happy T Day :o))

Bridget Larsen said...

Sorry to hear you are sick, is it the cold/flu sick? Hope you get better quick.
Shame there is no outdoor seating, would be awesome just to sit in front of the lake.
Strange you didnt take more bigger pictures of the ornate ceiling, love the walls and hahahaha would be a sight to see you embossing a piece of paper on that wall.

can you go back and take pictures of the new place for us please hahahhaa

Bridget #1

Karla B said...

It's interesting how much our culture differs. Bars here are not like yours. I will post some photos next Tuesday.
I am sorry you haven't been well, my friend. Hope you get better soon.

Krisha said...

Oh YUCK! That meal does NOT sound good at all. So sorry to hear you and Sally got the all the freezer burned, old-clean out the fridge leftovers.......AND had to PAY for it! I really do believe I would have complained......yes, I know it is useless, but I would have anyway.

Too bad the new place took down the really cool Nehi sign. I love those old vintage signs.

Happy T-day

voodoo vixen said...

Oh dear, what a shame because your meals really didn't look that appetising! :( I have no idea what a duelling piano bar is so you will have to go back and let us know... there is no other answer for it. Hope you are feeling better day by day.

froebelsternchen Susi said...

So hope you get better quick Elizabeth!
Happy T- Day!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Can't say I have every had a restaurant change like this...but two stores in the immediate area where we shop have gone out of business. Fast! We (food) shop about every two weeks and they were already gone from one trip to the next!

Maybe the food will be better? It is a shame they took that vintage Nehi sign down, though.

Linda Kunsman said...

So sorry to hear you are still sick Elizabeth. I sure do hope you feel well again VERY soon! I LOVE the ceiling, the poster , the stained glass, and the metal wall! What a shame to see some or all of it go. However, a piano bar sounds like a lot of fun to me. I can't say I've ever been to a place on the last day of a turnover of ownership but have gone to places a few times where there was a new chef or owners and the food wasn't of the same quality. I think you're overdue for a great dining experience next round. take care and a happy T day!

~*~Patty S said...

A piano bar...what a shame they obliterated that cool mural...wonder is they left any of the neat architectural elements inside!
Happy T Day and have you checked into your Magnesium levels. Being low on that can make your immune system weak. Being a vegetarian too I have to watch that sort of thing.
Take care and sure hope you are feeling well again!
A dear friend of mine died on Mother's Day and my heart is broken...can't focus just now so I won't have a T Day contribution...I really feel at a loss for words.

Anonymous said...

Interesting memorabilia of the sports variety, but the food did not look tasty, probably why it's becoming something else. Hope you are better soon. Stinks to be sick. xox

see you there! said...

Sorry to hear you are still sick. You've had a rough few weeks. I'm not much interested in sports bars and have never heard of a dueling piano bar. Amazing that you just went in on their last night. Well, you will have the memories of the old place - and the photos.


Halle said...

Sorry you continue to be sick...that's the pits! I may be back with a t tuesday post later if time allows. I'm going out for my b-day lunch with a friends after an appt.
Happy T day!!

Divers and Sundry said...

A dueling piano bar? Never heard of that. We don't often go to sports bars, but we _never_ go to piano bars lol.

I've never been to a restaurant that was changing so drastically. It's a shame the food was so old. I'm interested in what it looks like now, so I'll look forward to an update on this place :)

Ariel said...

Elizabeth so sorry to hear that you are sick. Hope you get better soon.
Take Care

fairyrocks said...

Interesting post. Love that tin too. What we would do if I could get my mitts on some of that eh? I know what you mean about the old food taste. I have had hot roast beef sandwiches that tasted like fridge. Hate that! I have never been to the last day of an establishment. Have been to some firsts! I am linking a 'taking stock' post I did on my yakity yak blog. If it isn't appropriate for this question {I haven't actually drank it yet LOL} you can remove it.

Carol said...

So sorry that you are still not well!!! It's past time to get over this ♥ Sending you healing thoughts and prayers.

blogoratti said...

Real great photos. Hope you feel better soon, best wishes!

Jo Murray said...

You sound quite miserable Elizabeth...hope you are getting lots of cuddles from Bleubeard and Squiggles. Get well soon.

pearshapedcrafting said...

Are you sure that this meal didn't start your sickness - those fries don't look good at all!! Never knowingly been to last night but they did close our favourite place to dine and turned it into a very unfriendly 'Dining experience" type of place - only went once to that - guess what - it closed down after two years!! Sorry I can't join you but I'm having trouble retrieving my photos - no idea why! I think I may need a new camera as it will suddenly jump to video mode while I'm taking a photo!! Hope you are feeling much better by now, Hugs, Chrisx

Rita said...

NO, I can't say I have knowingly been a patron of a restaurant near the change. Certainly explains the "off" food. Maybe you'll have to try the new dueling piano bar one day.
Sorry you are still sick. McFamily is still sick, too. Been weeks. Hope you are better soon.
Happy T-Day! :)

JoZart Quilts said...

Thanks for popping by and leaving me a comment. The tour of Larry Buds was interesting but I can see what you mean about the food! You usually show such appealing meals when you dine out.
hope you are feeling better now and look forward to a brighter Summer.
I'm off to Germany within the hour to visit the Deutch wing of the family. Woo hoo!
jo x