Friday, January 23, 2015

Journal 52, Week 4: Silhouette

I'm once again joining Chelle at Journal 52, where the prompt for Week 4 is Silhouette(s). 

Now I've been wanting to create something like this for a LONG time, but realized I don't really have the right magazines to find a decent image.

No, I'm not creating a tape transfer, but making this a semi-permanent mask.

You have NO idea how long it took to cut through all these layers of tape and magazine image.  I had to stop several times to rub my cutting hand, too.

Once the image was cut, I decided to play with a product I hadn't used in a LONG time.  But first, I had to make sure the ink didn't bleed onto the previous side.  I didn't want my bird and heart from Week 3 to be messed up.

Once I was sure the ink wouldn't bleed to the back side, I began laying down color that would eventually be the silhouette.  But first, I want to show how you can save money:LOTS of money.

These are bingo dabbers and are 1/10th the cost of a name brand dabber.  By my estimate (and seeing what the prices are on the internet) before tax, I could buy 10 of these dabbers for the price of one big name dabber.  They can be found at drug stores, discount stores, and novelty stores in the US and Canada.  An entire rainbow of colors are available for next to nothing compared to the name brands.  And yes, they work equally well, and the colors are bold.

Back to the challenge, I colored the area I thought the mask needed to go under.  I kept checking to make sure I'd covered everything, while also keeping a close eye on the back side of this used file folder that held Week 3's entry.

All of a sudden, my camera read the wrong temperature of this photo.  Even taking six more, then playing with the best in PhotoShop, I got this off color photo.

Better, but not quite right.  However, in spite of the fact I had NO idea how I would hold this mask down in the future after seeing this silhouette, I was basically satisfied with this entry.

For the finishing touches, I stamped a small image on the "dress" and added the strip of old, worn out rubber from an old date stamp.  I even amaze my self sometimes with the weird things I keep.  Sorry about my camera strap in the photo.  It was not intended.

I tried to draw circles with several ink pens , but none were very successful.  Here I've added the yellow Sharpie.   You can't even see the gold or copper circles I added before the yellow.  After yellow, I added black.

Then it was time to finish the page.   I know I once again should have used my computer to generate the text, but from the top,

Be true to

your dreams
your morals
your ambitions

your goals

your desires
your love of life.

I try to be positive at all times, so that's what these feelings invoke in me.  They are also words I try to live by.

I hope you enjoyed my take on this challenge, as well as me playing with bingo dabbers and a semi-pemanent mask.  I'm really getting into this using of long forgotten products.

Thanks as always for visiting and sharing such lovely comments, too.

24 thoughtful remarks:

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Wow! That really came out great! I always learn so much when I visit your blog--like how to make a mask!

I had to smile at your comment about saving "weird" things...then there is still hope for the hoard of oddities that I have! Just have to figure out how to use them. :)

Rita said...

Bingo daubers!! Brilliant!
Love the silhouette you found, too and how you used her. And the sayings are something to live by for us all. Nice!! :)

TwinkleToes2day said...

Most excellent way to make a mask. Your finished folder is wonderful. I love how you decorated her dress too and the words are great. I remember you telling us about these bingo daubers a while ago and bought myself three or four. Four I think, red, yellow, green and blue. They are fabulous and so cheap I'm quite happy for Wee Man to use them too :D
Have a good weekend Elizabeth :o)

see you there! said...

Always like the clever ideas you come up with. Like the colors and the quote. I'm behind in the challenge already, sigh.


massofhair said...

Love your brilliant ideas Elizabeth, making the mask must have hurt your hands a lot, i hope they recover very soon.

Your quote is inspiring, as you are too. Thank you for the bingo dauber tip:-) xxx

Shannon said...

Thanks for the tips on making a semi-permanent mask and the bingo dabber inspiration! And I like that you used your own handwriting instead of computer font; as you said, it "keeps it real." Fun page!

Dianne said...

turned out great dear E!! love the top about the Bingo daubers...may have to try me some bright colors you know! ♥

Carol said...

Guess I'll have to find some BINGO dabbers somewhere :) I do like the page and I like the hand written saying .

froebelsternchen Susi said...

The shilouette is so cool..and those dabbers are a great found... indeed!
Would be happy if such products would be avalaible for such a good price here... but I was lucky to find stain dabbers from Ranger in a Dollar STore here for only 1 EUro the bottle... that was a maybe they will bring me cheap dabber alson once a time....

fantastic page add fabulous
words as well!
Happy weekend my friend!

Fiona Spain said...

I love how you made the silouette. Excellent page.

johanna said...

great idea to make silhouettes, you surely can use it several times! what luck to find the cheap dubbers (i do not have any at all...) and i really like the old date stamp! that´s just my taste of grungy!

Vicki Miller said...

I use the cheap bingo dabbers, too. And also, to hold down my masks i use temporary quilt basting spray get it at the fabric store, works well.
Love your silhouette!

Jane said...

Your silhouette and whole page turned out great! I'm trying to do the Journal 52 also but already behind.
I've never heard of Bingo dabbers but will look for them now. Thanks!

Krisha said...

WELL DONE E!!! I have often thought about Bingo dabbers, but that's as far as I got....just an idea....LOL Now I'll keep my eyes open for some on SALE!!

Donna: said...

As Always, love your aRt Elizabeth. Working with all sorts of media and getting great results. Love the girl..
I don't have ONE dabber... so would really have to hunt to even know where they are in the dollar store!
Your enthusiasm always overwhelms me.

Monica said...

This is super. It really inspired me to get going doing mine,

Monica said...

This is super. It really inspired me to get going doing mine,

dawn said...

Hello! I just read the post and above and enjoyed all the look backs, some were new to me!!

YAY for a giveaway, didn't want to be the first comment so I will come back. Would LOOOVE to win a quiltlet!! or anything from you!!Thanks so much for the chance!

I posted my T time post now since it's the only time I have to do it. Will link up Monday night or early Tuesday and make the rounds later on.

Hope you are doing good and staying warm and healthy!!

ionabunny said...

Great piece. Fab tip on the bingo daubers. Never seen them in Norway. Maybe I need to crash a bingo hall. Never seen one of them here either but maybe they got one hidden here somewhere. Hugz

Halle said...

Love this!!

Corrine at said...

Marvelous, but that cutting out must have taken forever. I'm not good at the fancy cut thing, no patience. Bravo. xox

Christine Wenger said...

Great work, and thanks very much for shot in the process.

Christine Wenger said...

I's me again (with a new tablet, that wants to post it's own words) I wanted to say "thanks for showing the process!

pearshapedcrafting said...

Glad you persevered with the cutting out(of course - you wouldn't give up!!) This has worked brilliantly! Love the words in your own handwriting - I'm sure it must mean more to actually write it! I have almost stopped writing in my journals and need to do more!! Thanks for the shove!! Hugs, Chrisx