Saturday, January 17, 2015

Journal 52, 2015, Week 3: Conversation Starters

This week at Journal 52, Chelle's prompt was Conversation Starters. For the first time in a VERY long time, the prompt didn't bring anything to mind.  Usually, it doesn't take me long to know what I want to make, because something has sparked the flame.  Not this time, though.

So, I went into my craft room and proceeded to turn on the heater.  Then I did a bit of cleaning up my table, which had become a dumping ground for any and everything, including a letter I got two days ago.

After I segregated everything on my table, I decided to use as many of these disparate scraps as I could.  I also wanted to use some lovely pieces my friend Patty sent me when I won one of her recent giveaways.  Of course, I was also fueled by my commitment to use items I had not used in a long time, or ones I wanted to learn new ways to play with.  So I got out my crayon markers and my soft pastels.

When I did, I realized what I wanted to make.  That's when I put my security envelope away and brought out two of my rubber stamps.  Me! The gal who doesn't like to stamp!

My friend Chris asked the name of this stamp when she saw it in my stamp drawer on Wednesday.  It's by Inkadinkado, but the stamp has no name.  The little sign at the top reads "By Susan Winget."  That's all I can tell you, because there is nothing else on the stamp, but a bar code.  So much for naming stamps, right?

But to prove I've never used it, I turned it over, to show the rubber side.

Now it was time to put all these pieces together and show my completed Conversation Starter.

I began by coloring the background using my red, orange, and yellow pastels.  I cut the heart smaller and used the cut out part as a stencil to add my lavender pigment ink to the circle that looks like it fits on a scientific instrument.   I then used the cut heart as a mask and drew a red crayon marker around the inked heart.   After attaching the circle to the used file folder, I added the cigar band.

I found a use for a colored dictionary definition that had been hanging around since Halloween, and a punched circle I added a few green dots to.  I was trying to find a way to tie in all these different colors.  I loved that the definition was for "craft."

Next came my feeble attempt at stamping and starting the conversation between the two birds.  I KNEW I should have printed this conversation on my computer, because I couldn't get the Zig extra-fine tip pen to write properly, and when I tried to go over my writing, I made it even worse.

In case you can't read it, it's a conversation between the two birds facing each other on the right side of the branch.

Bird 1: Why does she sing?
Bird 2: I think she has a boyfriend.

And of course, the birds were talking about this beauty, who I tried to color a bit using my red crayon marker.  I wasn't sure if I could use these markers on my rubber stamps, and didn't want to mess this beautiful bird up the first time I stamped it.  I added leftover bits and pieces of hand painted or dyed paper, including a piece of heavy plastic-y measuring tape, to which I added a red bead. 

Below that was another colored paper to which I added a real feather and a clear circular facet.  Below that, I placed the cigar band. 

Finally, I added the week number, which I found in my dictionary scrap. In hindsight, I probably should have circled the number so it was easier to read.

The final detail was to punch the three holes in the used file folder so I can add it to my 3-ring binder.

Thanks for looking.  I hope you enjoyed my Conversation Starter as much as I did making it.  Sometimes it's good to clean off your work table!

22 thoughtful remarks:

froebelsternchen Susi said...

I enjoyed your progress today..and laughed out loud when I read she does't sing because she has a boyfriend!
Yes the most of the female spirits would be more happier without a boy on their are so right!

Happy weekend...
you made my day sunny with your little birdie conversation Elizabeth!

massofhair said...

Wonderful conversation starter file folder Elizabeth, your Inkadinkado bird is beautiful and your sentiment made me smile.

I do the same when i struggle to think of something, tidying is good for that as you sometimes find just what you need:-) xxx

dawn said...

Hello Elizabeth! I went MIA for the week to enjoy my quiet house while kids had school all week, YAY! No snow days and I had to babysit twice. On my days off I started cleaning house and my scrap space. Was so nice to have all this free time to myself and get things done. I also enjoyed reading a book for one day so I could get it done, was a good one.
I read your posts and got caught up, YAY!!

I really love this bird page, so dang cute!! Great conversation they are having, made me laugh. Great page below, cute drawings. Way to go on getting your fabric in order.
Sorry to say I will miss linking up on Tuesday again, I have a lot going on and not sure when I can visit everyone. I might still post though but not link up.
Take care and stay warm!

Nan G said...

Fab page, E! Love the conversation between birdies. You did a wonderful job pulling all the pieces together. A cool page! Hugs from me, as the Girls are napping after playing tag with a piece of ribbon Baby stole from the give away bag. :) :)

Nancy said...

Guess that burst of cleaning up really triggered something. You made great use of all your elements. Have not used oil pastels much, so was interested to see how you employed them for the background. Nice!

Caterina Giglio said...

it is always good to clean off the work table... love your use of the round paper... I have some and have not used them yet... very inspiring.. x

Jo Murray said...

THAT worked well. Just goes to show that tidying and cleaning has its rewards.

Krisha said...

This prompt had the same effect on me this week. I have managed a background and that is about it.

I sincerely love how you managed to pull this page together.

Yes, you can color a red rubber stamp with a marker, as long as it is water based. Just remember to breath some moisture back onto it before stamping.....they call it huffing.......grin.

Christine Wenger said...

Very interesting to see the process, very enchanting conversation!
Have a nice weekend

TwinkleToes2day said...

A fabulous collage Elizabeth. I like how you tied the colours together and the conversation is very amusing :D
fyi - the round paper is from a machine called a tachograph that is fitted into long distance vehicles, mainly trucks/lorries. It marks how long a driver has been on the road, and how long their rest period was.
Hoping you are all better now after your illness and are managing to keep warm ((hugs))

johanna said...

i enjoyed your post, elizabeth, and every time i see your working table i envy you for having one! i always have to spread a waxed Cloth on my Dining table to work on, which of course means i can´t leave all the stuff laying there...
cool idea with the number on the ruler! and don´t be too shy painting on stamped pieces. in the worst case you just could glue a new one over it!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Wow, very impressive collage! I like it a lot! You manage to take separate parts that I would never guess could be used together and make them look like they've been friends for life!

~*~Patty S said...

Fun how you put all those elements together E!
Happy you could use the graph paper which was used in testing to record pressure(psi)on gas pipe. It is from old and retired recording clocks.
The "Homemade" cigar papers are my favorites and sure fit you and your creativity so well.
You put a lot into this's nice to see you playing with rubber stamps too!

pearshapedcrafting said...

I do so love that bird! I have found that I have a mini version of it on a multi stamp set by Inkadinkadoo! I have also been looking on bird ID sites and have found that it is a Northern American Cardinal - nothing like any bird we have in the UK! This page is such a joy to look at - the composition is great and love the conversation!! Hugs, Chrisx

Vicki Miller said...

Thanks for your lovely comments. This is a great response. At first I thought you were going to use your letter since it is a conversation, but I think what you came up with is great, and hey - crappy writing, just adds to the texture! And it's you rather than a sterile printed writing.

Halle said...

Very well done! Isn't it funny how cleaning up can do wonders for the creativity!

see you there! said...

Your answer to the challenge came out nicely. I always enjoy the pictures and description of your process.


Corrine at said...

Love it Elizabeth. These pieces always turn out best, when you just grab what is at hand. xox

Linda Kunsman said...

LOVE this collage and how you incorporated all the papers! This is such a wonderful composition Elizabeth and I love the conversation too:)

Dianne said...

L♥ve this E~ great conversation by the birds! too cute, and the cigar band is a gorgeous addition.

Lesley said...

Hi Elizabeth, I found this challenge so am taking part in this as well as the Craft Barn one! I love your page and I really love your bird stamps - if you remember stamping is my 'thing' from all of last year's beer mats! xx

Sally said...

Love how you have used all the different elements. Great layout.