Saturday, January 10, 2015

Journal 52, 2015 Week 2: Just Be

For Week 2 of Journal 52, Chelle's prompt was "Just Be." The words Chelle wrote resonated with me:
For this week’s prompt, think about the word being and what it means to you. This might mean being your self and what makes you who you are, the things you do, or being present in the moment – it might mean just getting lost in the art of creating this week – that’s perfectly OK too!  As always, prompts are completely up to interpretation.
So with those thoughts in mind,

this is my entry for Week 2.

I began by painting my used manilla file folder with pink and white acrylic paints.  I used a paint brush because I wanted to see the brush strokes and the mottled colors, rather than using a faux credit card, which saves paint, but doesn't produce the same effect.

I found all these images in a book I was given years ago that has a bit of a steampunk feel to it.

I had no clever way to introduce the week number, so  placed it in the tab area.

And of course, I DO believe in myself.   I often doubt my art, but never doubt who I am or what direction my life is headed.   I try to act responsibly in everything I do, including my internet actions.  I also try to always be positive, even when I would rather crawl in bed (due to illness) and pull the covers over my head.  You won't find a pity party here, folks.  You'll have to go elsewhere for that.

Have a great week, and be true to yourself.  Please join Chelle and others at Journal 52 this week.  As always, I'm super grateful for your incredible comments.  They mean more to me than you know.

18 thoughtful remarks:

johanna said...

the Background of this Folder page is wonderful, the technique you used is obviously perfectly yours. and the Quote is so right. i often try new techniques, but there are only a few i stick to, obviously because i feel comfortable with them.

froebelsternchen Susi said...

This is a fantastic page and I love the quote - oh yes - so many techniques ...and we find out that just a few match perfectly to us ...
I have to admit that many techniques are just to messy for me... I like to be messy but I hate cleaning I love the simplest things best that don't make to much mess...


massofhair said...

Great prompt, love all the techniques especially the messy ones, a fab folder as always Elizabeth.

Struggling with commenting at the moment, sorry if i've missed any posts! :-) xxx

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Great quote and super duper background!

The texture paste I found on the web was: 1/2 cup Baking Soda,
2 Tablespoons white school glue,
1-2 Tablespoons White Acrylic Paint. It said you might have to add a little water. I cut this amount in half & then divided it to make black & white. My measurements might not have been exact which could be why the black dried out.

Krisha said...

Well done E!!! I do LIKE the quote and the image very much.

Here is the modeling paste recipe I use, quite like CM only I use cheap baby power instead of B-Soda

1TBSP white glue
1TBSP White acrylic paint
1/4 C baby powder
Mix well, add water is consistency is too thick, should be like tooth paste, or slightly thinner.

I have refrained from using cheap white glue, and only use Elmer's now. I made one triple batch with the $$ store white glue and ended up trashing it, just was super thin and yucky! And it took forever to dry, then crumbled.
I have been using this recipe for a couple years now and really like it, and it keeps for a long time in an air tight container.

Love how you used this week's number on your page......grin

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Elizabeth,

Great background! I know it's only week two but congratulations for keeping up with it!

On my way to visit your WOYWW post.


~*~Patty S said...

Be Happy
... what you created here is lovely E and what you wrote is very powerful too!
Happy winter weekend to you and "the boys"...

Corrine at said...

You've got it right in my book. Just be the best you can be and put out good into the world. xox

TwinkleToes2day said...

Gorgeous background, fabulous images and an excellent quote :o))

Vicki Miller said...

Thanks for your lovely comments. As usual, you are busy and very creative. I would love to be there to see you put your spreads together!

Rita said...

Wonderful! I totally agree with you, elizabeth! No pity parties at my place, either. Great spread and sentiment. :)

crafty creations said...

Great page with lots of texture - fabulous background and a great quote x Hilda

pearshapedcrafting said...

I love this quote! Your background for it really looks fabulous! I love the way you have blended the colours.
I still don't have what you might call a 'style' I just do what I like and enjoy myself! I used to want to be someone whose style could be recognised immediately as mine……but it soon passed!!!! Stay warm! Chris

Nan G said...

Fab piece, E! Love the mix of colors using a brush. And that quote is spot on! My style...if it's 3D it's me. Hugs from all us Girls to you and the Boys :)

see you there! said...

You did a great job with the challenge. I'm still working on mine.


Julia Dunnit said...

Lovely page, love the way it came together, and of course, the quote is perfect, and it takes some learning!

Shannon said...

I love the quote you selected! As someone new to the art journal world, I sometimes feel overwhelmed by all of the different techniques. Great reminder to try new things, but be true to what works best individually.

Mariane C said...

I sure LOVE the result of yours - It looks so great to me.. Thank you every so much for sharing.
There is so many ways to make such art journal I guess and one is always trying to make new ways. Thanks again

Kind regards