Friday, October 31, 2014

Journal 52, Week 44: Skyline

Today I visited my friend Sally, who generously loaned me her oldest laptop computer.  She has also issued me a temporary Wi-Fi password, but I can only use it when she is not on her computer.  Please don't feel bad for Sally.  She has three laptops, one tablet, one I-Pad, and who knows what else.  However, I'm having trouble using it, because I can't get my copy of PhotoShop to load onto her laptop. 

But let's get back to Journal 52, where this week, Chelle's prompt is Skyline.  Chelle asked us to create a page where we color the sky. 

Although I took step-out photos, I couldn't figure out how to load them onto Sally's computer.  I did manage to figure out how to upload scans, so I'll just have to walk you through the process.

Only six words, but you can't read them.  Now you know why I don't journal.  It reads: The night sky from my balcony.  At least I figured out how to rotate the scan so you wouldn't have to stand on your side to read this.

I sewed all these disparate parts together, and each had its own set of problems.  This is a paint chip sample that feels like sandpaper.

I tried to use my copper pen to make the balcony on this slick piece of paper found in my stash, but it didn't show up on the page, so I knew it wouldn't show up on the scan, either.

The final piece was flat and matte, so I used my new white pen to create the windows and door.  Unfortunately, I'm not sure what happened, but it smeared all over the page.  We all know what the house address signifies!

As always, I started this page with a used file folder.  The problem I had was the logo that was inscribed on the folder, the first I've encountered all year.  That's why I needed the tall building to cover the logo in the middle of the folder.

For the background, I used some of my NuPastels.  The more I use these, the more I really, really, really, really like them.  They blend like a dream now that I'm learning how to use them.

Thanks as always for visiting.  And I NO LONGER have to say this is the only place you will see my J52 art, because Chelle has added a linky link so we can now share with the rest of the J52 community.  Thanks SO much Chelle.  We who are only bloggers really appreciate this.

10 thoughtful remarks:

Craftymoose Crafts said...

That was nice of Sally to get you back online for at least basic functions. I for one realize how quickly we can get behind in commenting and posting.

I really like the background. It looks very smoothly blended. I like the variety of chips you used for the house. The "sandpaper" one reminds me of our dining room wall--feels almost the same and was a hard technique to do.

Corrine at said...

Nice skyline. I like the bold color block elements and of course your stitching. xox

massofhair said...

What a good friend Sally is to get you back online!

Fantastic file folder, stunning skyline and amazing colours... beautiful and the stitching just adds that extra little touch:-) xxx

Jo Murray said...

Sky's great....and so's the stitching

Vicki Miller said...

You are so lucky in having a friend like sally. Thanks for your comment about my feathers, but I printed them on a gelli plate, lol! Love how you stitched the building.

Nan G said...

Very cool of Sally to lend you a laptop and help you out with wifi access! Love the sky and the building looks cool too. My you must have a ga-zillion file folders E! Onward to November and my final moving day fast approaches. Yippee! Hugs to Bleubeard from the Girls.

Lisa Graham Art said...

This is so charming. I love the building and love the pretty sky.

It was nice of Sally to help you out with technology. It's a must these days.

Cindy McMath said...

Elizabeth, I love this! So sorry to hear about your computer problems - hope they get resolved soon!

TwinkleToes2day said...

I really like the background colours you chose for this Elizabeth and I like the stitching. I imagine this type of sewing is hard on your machine. I like the buliding colours you used too. Hope your internet is sorted soon (hug) :o)

Janet said...

How nice to have a friend who will bail you out like that. I have horrible withdrawals when I am away from my computer!