Sunday, July 20, 2014

Summer of Color 4 wrap-up

Kristin is a wonderful host, and I'm determined to play next year in SOC5.  But I have to show why I haven't been around to visit everyone like in the past.

You can see I'm having computer problems, since it took forever to get to this screen.  I have a wireless mouse and keyboard, so that was the first obstacle I had to overcome.  But it's fairly obvious I'm now able to move forward.

From left, Week 1 was a quiltlet I made using printer ink to color the white fabric.  In the back is Week 3, where I colored various flowers and painted the wood.  Returning to the front, is Week 2, where I used my handmade shimmering mists to color the fabric.  Week 4 got the biggest makeover, because I hadn't finished it when I showed the front.  I painted the background using acrylics, then painted a piece of celery and turned it into a cabbage rose.  Week 6 got backing and a hanger.

The back of Week 2 shows my name and a button I thought went well with the Beach Hut.  Since it didn't match the SOC colors of the week, I decided to use it on the back.  I used the card stock that had been between the two painted fabrics when I stamped the "rose," as my name plate for Week 4.  For Week 6, I cut another bird from the blackberry colored stained fabric to show I made the quiltlet.

The sun was so bright I couldn't tell what I was photographing, so what you see is it!  I wish I'd gotten a few close-ups, but unfortunately, I didn't. 

My only step-out photos come from Week 4, which I felt was the one I spent the least time on.  I started by masking off half a butterfly.

I mixed a bit of shaving cream

and some opaque StazOn that I had never used before.

Unfortunately, it didn't mix well with the shaving cream.

After spreading it over the butterfly stencil, 

I waited for it to dry.  Sadly, the StazOn didn't act like what I'm used to, so when the shaving cream dried, I had many holes

in the butterfly.  I had to outline the butterfly so it would show on the fabric.  I also auditioned a piece of wood bark that I eventually covered with green wire and bright pink beads.  Before I sewed the two pieces to the batting, I sewed my name to the back.  I also used a stirrer stick to keep the quiltlet (and the others where wire or fancy fibers were added) flat when hung.  It also aided the holes I cut in the fabric.

I hope you enjoyed the wrap-up.  As for Week 5, I'm still playing with the poppies I'm turning into a scrappy journal cover, and I'll have to show it at a later time.

I'd like to thank everyone who visited during this six week journey.  I was so honored to "meet" so many of you wonderful artists. And thanks again to our wonderful host Kristin for sharing her Summer of Color with all of us!

As an update, here is my SOC 4 badge.  I'll be adding it to my "Previous Collaborations" page, too.

And this is what I'll be doing NEXT summer.

14 thoughtful remarks:

Ohhh Snap said...

I hope your computer is going to stay healthy for a while. (Have you been watching You are All Surrounded on Hulu?)

Your projects are beautiful, and thanks for sharing the results of your experiments : )

TwinkleToes2day said...

I love your round-up Elizabeth. It's so nice to see all your pieces together in the sunshine :D

Helen said...

Hate computer issues! I am behind on the last 2 weeks, not sure if I'll have time to catch up.. love your projects seen again here.

Annie said...

I've been missing you so I really hope your computer stays well. Love all your creations...such clever techniques used.
Annie x

Silvia(Barnie) said...

Looks like a lot of fun. Hope you'll get your computer problems sorted soon.

Anonymous said...

Computer stuff stinks. I do however, like the way you come up with the most inventive ways to use ordinary household things....great job Elizabeth. xox

Darla said...

Enjoyed seeing how you met the challenge. As I've said before you are so good at starting and completing challenges. I admire that. Besides we get to see lots of new art.


sheila 77 said...

Computer problems - mega bleh. I noticed you weren't around but I think you did your bit in commenting, yes.
I enjoyed seeing your SOC wrap up, it was fun, a great blog party. Here's to next year.

Craftymoose Crafts said...

It was nice to see all your beautiful SOC pieces together. This was my first year, and I am already excited for next year.

I hope your computer is behaving again.

Robyn said...

Wonderful body of work.
I'm so busy in the summer!
Holding your computer woes in the Light!

Unknown said...

Looks so lush!! I really love your work!! Hope you get your computer on the mend!!

Cindy McMath said...

Nice wrap-up Elizabeth! It was great to see almost all of your SOC pieces together there1 I can't wait to see the poppies as journal cover. I am making an accordion book from mine and I have everything but the covers done - hope to get them done and added on the weekend.

Annie Claxton said...

What a wonderfully colourful and creative collection of pieces - I love your inventiveness and the way you find new ways to use things - it's very liberating and inspiring! I'm a follower of your blog so will look forward to seeing more of your work. btw thanks for the info about rubbing alcohol - maybe I'll have to find out what it's prescribed for ... I'm impressed you managed to guess that I was in the UK just because I used the word "whilst" :o)

Halle said...

Love seeing the finished versions of these. So colorful all together.
I don't have computer issues keeping me away...just a busy summer.