Friday, June 27, 2014

Index Card a Day for week of June 22-27

I'm trying to get in under the wire with linky love for this week's ICADs, hosted by Tammy at Daisy Yellow.   I was able to create Day 27, even thought I started before midnight (shhh! don't tell).

Edit: I know I read earlier in the evening (Thursday) that there would be a link at 1:00 am Central Time, along with the prompts.  So I busted my bottom to get these posted in time.  But when I got to Tammy's blog, there was no link and there was only the word "prompts," and the part pertaining to the link was gone.  I'm saddened, because I was unable to join Friday Smiles since I spent all the time working on getting this post ready.  I have to ask myself, if the host can't commit as promised, why should I?

Off my soap box and on to my ICADs.

Since the weekly prompt was rainbow colors, I thought this was a good way to honor the prompt and welcome summer.

Not a whole lot of rainbow action here, but I got a bit of sewing in.

The daily prompt for the 24th was brown, so I combined it with a bit of the rainbow colors, the weekly prompt.  Already I'm tired of this prompt.

This may look like an easy IC, but it took much longer than I anticipated.  More semi-rainbow theme used here.

Bleubeard and I were both pleased with this one we decided to call "The Inside Story."

And finally, with the help of Bleubeard, I finished today's IC with a bit of humor.  Note the date, too with the 7 slightly enlarged.

Be sure to visit Tammy at Daisy Yellow for links to others playing in this two month event.

12 thoughtful remarks:

Annie said...

I'm loving your index cards Elizabeth. Please don't worry if you're not able to join in today but be assured you are welcome to link up your smiles any time in the week....I will still be there :-)
Annoe x

Eliza said...

Hello Elizabeth and Bluebeard,

I am intrigued by the index cards, this is something that I have never tried like the project life stuff too, I don't think I ever will get the opportunity either. Yours are wonderful and I enjoy seeing what you create, you have your own unique style that I really like. I have joined Annie this week, I am trying hard to get around the world a bit more, I am sorry I didn't join in the T Tuesday challenge this week work got in the way and the stuff was lined up ready for the photo too. Pop on over and see my sunrise and hopefully it will make you smile as I have linked with Annie.

Hugs Eliza

~*~Patty S said...

You created some very imaginative cards with some challenging prompts E!
Summertime is here really speaks to me as I've just come in from the garden watering some of the plants in containers (they definitely take more work don't they!) but I still like having flowers that I can scoot around in the garden.
Your brown card makes me hungry for chocolate...oh wait I'd better eat a little breakfast first ;-)
Happy Beginning of the Weekend to you and Bleubeard

Jo Murray said...

A colourful lot. I do agree with that 'new year' sentiment.

Corrine at said...

Marvelous group. Love that 7 UP, your drink looks a whole lot better though. xox

Cindy McMath said...

Elizabeth, I like all of your cards - I bet you might guess that my favourite is "homage to the letter R". I know how much work those types of card are as I made a series of 10 postcards like that while I was in Toronto. Cutting the right letters out of the newspaper every day in my hotel room was fun for about the first card full (maybe two), as was the gluing. Then it got to be a grind, but still I liked the results and think your card is even better as i like the "r"s rolling all over the card!

Your other cards are all fun too - the Inside Story is another favourite and the new year one I like because of the stitching and the sentiment.

Ok I must go work on day 28!

AlteredAddict said...

I like your ICAD's, I keep thinking I should start doing them but.... best laid plans ;) lol

dawn said...

Hello Elizabeth, so happy to see you posted these. Couldn't wait to see them again. I enjoyed each one, the last one I think is my favorite. Not sure about Tammy's link, don't think she's doing them each week. Don't worry about that though, you have so many friends that visit you here that can enjoy them.
I will have my next set to show on Tuesday, still going strong and loving mine. Glad I kept it simple this year and hope I can keep it going till the end.
You would love some of the ones I see on IG, they remind me of your file collage pages. One lady is doing hers with words cut out of a magazine and that's it, looks cool. I even got a few of my IG friends to do them and they are doing great!
Happy weekend, hope it is cool there because we have a heat wave coming in. YUCK!

dawn said...

p.s. I have my SOC posted, not much but I love them and it's something is better then nothing, right!

dawn said...

Hello again,
Thanks so much for visiting and glad you enjoyed the inchies, esp. the last one.

Sorry for the mix up of the link up, I get what your saying and sorry it didn't work out that way. Glad your not worrying about it and next time post that Friday smile post since that was in your plans. You keep up with blog hops so good, like super woman or super comment powers maybe or does Bleubeard do all the comments while your sleeping, lol.

YAY for your tomatoes, so glad yours are doing good too. I didn't even show you the whole garden, lol. Rich does like to have a big garden to fill up with veggies and sunflowers. Remember those awesome TALL ones we got last summer. Not sure what they will do this summer??

Have a good weekend and thanks again for the visit.

pearshapedcrafting said...

I really do enjoy seeing your icads! A lovely colourful bunch these are too! Having bad connections - just keeps dipping, hope this registers! Chrisx

Dianne said...

those beverages look pretty appetizing right about now! excellent ICADs for the week ♥ I've had my hands full doing inventory this week, so I am trying to catch up with all of your lovely art work! great quote about the 'new year' of the cool things about you and your blog is the way you are always up for a new challenge and trying new things!