Friday, June 6, 2014

Friday Smiles 72 shares a tribute to D-Day

This post starts with something I call "Same Scenery, Different Day."  I had intended to post this yesterday, but of course, my internet was as absent as Julia's linky (private joke to those of us who play in WOYWW).  So today I'm sharing this with Annie at A Stitch In Time, our beautiful hostess.

After grocery shopping in the morning, I mowed my yard in the early afternoon.  We had hail early Thursday morning, so I was anxious to make sure I didn't have a lot to clean up in the yard.  One thing I noticed, other than how wet my front porch was, was that one of my house numbers had come loose.

Luckily, my veggie garden had not been damaged, so the hail didn't do much damage.  I even managed to reattach my house number without getting out the step ladder.

A lovely smile for me this week came as a result of my friend Sally.  I've been helping clean up her house, and she gave me this never-used set of ink refills.  I used to have some similar to these, but left them at a friend's house.  I would NEVER use them to replace ink in my very old printer which I purchased in 2000, but I wanted these inks for dyeing fabric, such as old bed sheets I hope to turn into art quilts.  The other goodie on the box is a bauble I found in the street after I mowed my yard.  I'm sure I'll find a use for it in some altered art project.

On a somewhat sober note, I wanted to take time to remember and recognize the 70th anniversary of D-Day.  Many of us know very little about this important date in history, when British, Canadian, French Resistance, and American forces came together to lead an invasion that would soon turn the tide of World War II.  Because of these brave men who stormed these Normandy beaches that day, and many of whom gave their lives because of it, we "Allies" are free today.  Now if that isn't worth a smile, I don't know what is.  Freedom is quite powerful.  As Winston Churchill put it, "We will never surrender."  It's wonderful that he kept his word.

It's also pretty wonderful the US was able to help on and over the beaches of Normandy that day in June.

Now, please visit Annie, who will provide links to others who start their weekend with a smile.

16 thoughtful remarks:

Annie said...

Hi Elizabeth. Thanks for joining in again this week. You have so much to smile about. Your garden is looking wonderful. I have inks somewhere...packed in one of my boxes!! so I will be watching with interest what you do with yours.
Happy D-Day to you too...we have so much to be thankful for don't we?
Annie x

Helen said...

Oh those inks would also look good dripping on a journal page too maybe? Have fun anyhow.... There's lots of coverage on tv/radio here about the D-Day anniversary, very moving. Have a good Friday.

Chrysalis said...

Great words - thanks for sharing. Your garden looks great - glad it survived the hail. Sounds like a good use of those inks, and I'd love to see what you achieve with the bauble. Have a great weekend, Chris # 2 xx

dawn said...

Happy Friday! Glad nothing got ruined in the hail storm. Your pots look great!!
YAY for having new ink to play with, can't wait to see!
Thankful for our freedom too!!

I saw your comment on my blog, sorry the internet keeps giving you trouble. I won't be linking up my ICAD, not sure when I can squeeze that in, so for now I will just share them with my readers.
Can't wait for SOC, a third color to add to the fun.
Have a great weekend!

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Some great photos. Nebraska had huge hail and ruined the cars at car lots. Some home lost windows and siding.
And D-Day some of the news clips from men 93 plus are amazing. One gentleman is going back to Normandy and jump from a plane with a parachute at 93 Amazing.
Have fun with your inks. And enjoy a fun weekend.

JoZart said...

It's a very special day today remembering D Day and your words were so poignant. Lots of interesting and moving accounts here on radio and TV.
Great to see so much lush greenery in your garden.
I've added a special pic for you and Bleubeard to my Friday smile, hope you like it.
Lv Jo x

Cindy McMath said...

Elizabeth, thanks for stopping by my blog and all your kind words - I will admit my junk mail can be amazing - maybe it's a Canadian thing - LOL Your garden looks lovely - I did read about the recent hail storms in parts of the US...hard to believe in June! Glad you didn't have too much damage.
Lovely post about D Day - we all have much to be grateful for.
Oh and your inks look amazing and I can't wait to see what you do with them!

Cindy :)

Super Stamp Girl said...

Hi Elizabeth, Happy Friday to you! Thanks for sharing photos of your recently cleaned up yard and I must saying just seeing all your greenery really made me smile. You must really like gardening. And, thanks for mentioning D-day in your post today, I hadn't thought of it, but it was a special touch you added.

Caro said...

Hi Elizabeth, your garden is looking fab! My granddad was a sergeant in the Royal Engineers and was involved in the Mulberry Harbour project which proved so essential to the success of the D-day landings. The men who landed on D-day could only carry ammunition and supplies for 48 hours, so Mulberry was vital in providing back up of 2.5 million soldiers, 1/2 million tanks and funs and 4 million tons of supplies.

mamapez5 said...

I am glad the hailstones didn't damage your veggie patch. Your garden looks lovely. I would love to have a patch of green to take care of again.
The inks could be fun. I look forward to seeing what you do with them.
Kate x

~*~Patty S said...

Glad you didn't get bad hail damage...we saw on the news where they had baseball size hail looked like softballs to me...I could just imagine the dented car roofs and what a noise it must have made.

Freedom is definitely not something to take lightly...much to be grateful for.

I will look forward to seeing what you make with those nice inks...
Hope Sally is doing well!

Halle said...

Glad you didn't have much damage from the hail!
excited to see what you do with those inks....

We watched a really wonderful documentary a couple weeks ago about the D-day. They were using sonar to map the sea floor and then take small subs down and check out the tanks and such that never made it to shore. It was fascinating the immense and complicated plan that was needed to pull this off and even misdirection to keep the Nazi eyes watching elsewhere.

Eliza said...

Hi E, looks like you had a beautiful day for tinkering in the garden, it is so cold down here now and I have to get out and prune the roses and pull a few weeds too. Loving the look of your pot vegi patch, I also did that this past summer. Yes we are now into winter here.

Hugs to E from E

Nan G said...

Excited to see how you use those inks. The yard is looking and glad no damage to your garden. Smiling on a Saturday. :D Hugs from the Girls and me

Elizabeth said...

Hi Elizabeth, I saw on the news the size of the hailstones in Nebraska last week - baseball sized ... wouldn't like them hailing down on our car for sure! No wonder you were concerned for your lovely garden. I've never bought ink refills ... thought I'd make too much of a mess trying to refill the cartridges ... but am intrigued with your plans for them. Much of TV time yesterday was spent watching D-Day being commemorated in France - it was very moving. We do indeed have much to be grateful for. Elizabeth xx

Corrine at said...

You have such a cute house I love that front on view....D Day, yes thinking of my relatives and all those fellas who never made it back....did you hear the story of the Brit who left his nursing home and made it on the ferry to France. I thought it was marvelous. xox