Tuesday, April 1, 2014

WOYWW 252: The one where she continues a tutorial

Granted, our beloved Julia, Queen of the Deskers, likes to keep things moving right along.  But this is Day 2 of 22 in which I show how to rethink, reduce, reuse, recycle, re-invent, recover, restore, or repurpose something in order to save it from the trash, and eventually, to save our planet. It all leads up to Earth Day, or "bEARTHday" in my world.

Those who were here yesterday saw how I finally got these soda cans cut.  Today I'll continue the tutorial.

But first, I'll show the obligatory rocking horse, this one stained glass and one of my favorites.

Supplies you will need as WOYWWendy looks on (from back):
Soda cans with the tops and bottoms removed, then cut from top to bottom
Sanding block
Crop-a-dile, or small hole punch
Various punches of your choice

Punch various shapes from the soda cans.  Note that the small punches were not especially effective for this technique.

Using your Crop-a-dile or small hole punch,

add a hole to each of the pieces you will use for this project.  You will probably want to turn the pieces over to the silver side so you can actually see the holes.  They don't show up well when the design is showing.

Sand any rough edges.

Since this step took so long, and because Julia likes us to keep things short and sweet, I'll finish this tutorial tomorrow.

Today is Day 2 of 22 and I recycled some old soda cans using the punches I own.  BTW, I will continue creating art using recycled materials every day until Earth Day, but I will be taking the next two Wednesdays off, since I won't have time to make art and visit everyone like I always do.  And if I join in the fun of this blog hop, I intend to play, which means I visit everyone who visits me, and always a few more, too.  So, if you have time, please stop by any day to see what I'm working on.

Now let's visit Julia for links to more deskers.  Usual caveat applies.  Please leave your number if you are a visiting linked desker.  BTW, if you are going to the WOYWW crop in May, please let me know in your comment this week.

32 thoughtful remarks:

Caz said...

Amazing what people do with cans - I know exactly what would happen if I tried that.....out with the kitchen roll (to mop the blood) and the plasters!!!!! There is no-one more clumsy than me when it comes to anything resembling a sharp edge! I'll restrict myself to oooh and aaaah over what you make and stick to my paper and fabric
Happy (early) WOYWW
Caz #12

dawn said...

WOW!! I love this so much, pretty colors!! Can't wait to see what you do next!! I will try to visit each day this month and if I miss I will catch up on them. Love this idea!!

Thanks so much of for your visit today and reading yesterday's post too. I do hope the warm weather comes soon so Rich can use the mower. We played outside today, took the bikes out, YIPEE!!

StampinCarol said...

I have seen some cool things done with cans and yours are looking pretty cool with all the punched pieces. Am wondering if the punches work easily or are they hard to punch. I'm toying with some ideas using the pull tabs. Happy WOYWW!
Carol N #25

Patsy Paterno said...

I saw a tutorial where you can make a mini box out of a soda can! Now I already save so many things, I refuse to save this too! My room has hardly any space to walk! Yes that rocking horse is pretty! :^) happy WOYWW!!! patsy

Helen said...

Love the punched metal - not surprised the little punches struggled! Look forward to catching up the rest later on my return (grin) I'll be at the crop...Helen 9

Nikki Davey said...

I didn't get around to a T post this week but made it for Wednesday.

Lovely rocking horse x

Nikki D

Ann B said...

Don't think my punches would cope with the tins, have difficulty cutting card sometimes. Love the results though, very clever ideas.

Another beautiful rocking horse. Can see why it is a favourite.

Ann B

Annie said...

Hi Elizabeth. I can see why that is one of your fav horses...he's gorgeous. Looks like you are having lots of fun there today but please mind you don't cut your fingers :-)
Annie x # 1

Neet said...

That sure is a lovely rocking horse. Now to the soda cans - did you get any cuts on your fingers is my first question? Secondly, are you going to use the ends of the cans for anything? If not I have a use for them that I can tell you about. I use them for making a kind of mold to hold my circles of polymer clay in that are going to be dome shaped. Great idea for clay'ers.
Hope all is well in your part of the world, love to Bleubeard.
Hugs, Neet 65 xx

Neet said...

Forgot to say - I can't wait to see the end result of these - great idea and I am going to see if my punches work.
Neet xx

Minxy said...

I'm all for reusing and recycling, look forward to seeing what your cans become!
Happy Wednesday
Minxy {was #6 now #23}

Vicki Miller said...

Great idea, and as well as doing the earth a good deed, apparently you are also sharpening your cutters. I have been told cutting metal sharpens them.!

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Well, I didn't realise you could punch out metal like that! But isn't it effective? I know that if I tried that, there'd be metal shapes pinging everywhere and embedded in my walls, lol!! I shall pop back to see what you're doing with them :-)
Hugs, LLLJ 8 xx
PS I shall be at the crop cos I do the cooking!!

Julia Dunnit said...

Ah this gets more and more interesting girlfriend...had no idea you were heading to the punches. And having read Patsy's comment, am geting re-enthused at the possibilities. Loving your dedication to Earth Day.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to the WOYWW crop - or that is the current plan :)

But I have to ask, aren't those punched shapes lethally sharp on the edges?? So curious to see the finished project(s) and well done you.

Happy WOYWW!

Mary Anne (11)

Anonymous said...

Good you even got the punches to work on metal. Sometimes I have a hard time just on papaer. Recycle on. Good stuff. xox

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Never thought of punching shapes! Looking forward to Part 3.

see you there! said...

You have a pile of nice metal shapes to work with now. Like some other said, I don't think my (very few) punches are up to the job. Look forward to seeing what you use the pieces for.


Eliza said...

I didn't think you could punch metal with the average punches, gosh that really sounds stupid when you put it like that. Good for you for up cycling and doing your bit for the earth. I will have to pop back in to see what you do next, hey I will be back anyway, love your place. You are welcome to come and play any day you want.

Hugs Eliza & Yoda 36

Dianne said...

Really cool E! I wonder if this sharpens the punches a bit - from cutting the metal - or the opposite? can't wait to see what's next! have a great day my dear! ☺

BJ said...

I'm amazed you could "punch" through any drinks cans at all, well done. BJ#76

Belinda Basson said...

I did not think those punches would cope with the metal. I am dying to see what happens next...#63

Krisha said...

You have been answering my questions about the punches on the aluminum cans.....this is great news (well, for me it is)
Looking forward to seeing what you do with all these new little treasures.

Lindart said...

This is a great idea! Would make great embellishments for cards, and cool danglies too!
Lindart #95

pearshapedcrafting said...

Love the idea of using cans! Nail polish looks good on the metal! Chris#96

Kim said...

Wow...and I thought the airplane from soda cans my husband has was creative!!! The key chain is a very cool idea. May you stay cut free! Have a great week.
-K #89

Caro said...

I have now read all three of your tutorials...the end result is amazing, but your fingers/hands must be hurting! It makes me wince just looking at the effort involved. Very impressive recycling. (Oh and I love that rocking horse!) Thanks for sharing! Happy WOYWW. Caro x (#102)

Jo Murray said...

I'm fascinated...where will all this work lead? Love all those bits of coloured metal.

fairy thoughts said...

That's a great use of what is rubbish I must remember to see how you go along. Sadly I cannot go to the crop this year as my daughter is getting married the next day.
I will be there in spirit and I will be sending some ATC for swapping as I see julia from time to time.
Janet @7

Judys Fabrications said...

Wow, clever you!! I have an aversion to sharp things. I'd love to be able to do this sort of work.Just never enough time .I'll just enjoy what you're doing.
Judy #26

Jackie said...

Sorry about the late return visit this week
I was just rushing round leave a quick comment till I got to your blog and I have been here for a while reading all your recycling info ...... All very inter resting I must say ... Oh yes I was here re a desk!!!! Love the stained glass rocking horse ..... I cannt look at a rocking horse these days with thinking of you and hoping your well and ok!
Jackie 5

Lisa-Jane said...

You've made so many things during your recycled project! They look great. Sorry its taken me so long to get around but we sold our house already! Have a great week. #4