Monday, February 17, 2014

T(ea) Stands For Full Moon

Last Friday my friend Scott came by to visit.  I offered to take him to dinner, because I was ready to settle in to the first night of the NBA All-Star Weekend, and didn't want to miss any of it, even though I had already set my VCR (yep, I'm really old school).

Because I didn't want him to have to drive all over town, I suggested we go to our local "greasy spoon."  On our way into the restaurant, I noticed the full moon, and decided to see if I could capture it with my new camera.  The first thing I noticed was how the moon was cut in half from this angle.

I decided to zoom in a bit, but there was something wrong with

the color of the sky.

Since I'm still learning all the whistles and bells on this camera, I finally decided on the dawn/dusk setting.  Much better.

Now if I could just learn to hold the camera still while I shoot,

and take it off auto focus in order to set the shutter speed,

I might actually get a decent photo before the birds were out of camera range.

I was surprised by how few photos I actually took, with this one being my final one.  Although it would have been stunning if I'd managed to capture the birds using the moon as a silhouette, I was still quite proud of what I had accomplished.  I kept telling people I was better at taking photos than my previous camera showed, but this was finally proof I have a camera I can be proud of, and one I can get decent photos with.

Once inside, I set the camera on "food."  I probably should not have, because the lighting in the restaurant was horrible.

But this is a T(ea) post, and here is my contribution for the week, a glass of ice water with a twist of lemon. 

I didn't notice until I was taking these photos off my camera that the juke box at our table was out of order.  Possibly, it was because the restaurant was so busy and Scott and I were deep in conversation.

Scott ordered a ONE POUND hamburger, which came with fries and various "fixins'" hidden by the fries.

I ordered a cheese omelet, but it was cold.  I also didn't get any toast with my order, although I felt lucky to even get the ranch dressing I asked for to accompany my hash browns.   Although the food was disappointing for once (it's usually quite good, but I seldom go at a peak hour, either), the conversation was excellent.  

What conversations can you share this week?  Have you taken photos that pleased you, or had a drink that you particularly enjoyed?  Were you affected by the weather and your choice of drink?  Did you choose drink related art instead?  Please share with us.  You don't have to take your photos on Tuesday, either.  Join below and we'll be by to visit.  Bleubeard and I always appreciate your take on T.

21 thoughtful remarks:

Marilyn J. Rock said...

I think these photos are absolutely amazing! I keep going back to look! xo

elle said...

excellent photo of the moon and 2 crows (?) your food photo looked good and even warm. :)

Divers and Sundry said...

i love your moon shots! i can never get good photos of the moon, though i still try.

i'm sorry about your omelet. it looks soooo tasty, and i do have a weakness for omelets.

good conversation is a treasure to be truly grateful for :)

Vicki Miller said...

I love the photos of the moon and birds. Very inspiring. would make a lovely art quilt. I hope to post some T later in the day

Nan G said...

Love the pics of the moon and birds! Yep, I'd say that's a good camera. Have fun discovering all you can do with it. The omelet and hashes did look yummy. Sad when quality lags because they get busy. Hoping to join in T this week. Hugs from the Girls

Krisha said...

Well, I'd say that camera is a "Keeper"
Great shots of the moon and the birds.

You might also try playing around with your ISO setting to let in more light at that time of day. I'm still trying to learn all the fancy buttons on mine.

Sorry to hear your food was cold, always so disappointing, and always when your with a friend.

Give Bluebeard a pet for me.

dawn said...

Happy Tuesday!! So glad to link up with you again this week. I had no time yesterday to post and was going to wait till tonight and post late (frown face) but school is canceled so I got to post on time, YAY!!

WOW, those moon/bird photos are awesome and beautiful!! That camera really does work well. So happy you could see it and get some pictures for us. Renee and I saw the moon coming home the other night and she tried to get a photo with her phone but it didn't turn out at all. Good for you getting them.

How nice to have a dinner out with a friend. Sounds yummy except for the cold part, hate when that happens. Looks like a nice place to visit.

I did post my PL pages for January in the post below my T time one. Hope you can check them out. Happy I can share them again too.

Have a nice day and hope the weather isn't too bad or cold there for you. There will be lots of shoveling here for us today.

see you there! said...

It looks like you are enjoying the new camera. The moon shots with the birds are great.


Corrine at said...

Oh Elizabeth your shots with the birds are totally amazing. The moon has been particularly spectacular here too. Sunrise today was a stunner. Love those greasy spoon places and a juke box at the table, boy I miss those....what fun. xox

Dianne said...

oh my...really gorgeous photos of the moon and birds! the food looks good too, even though yours wasn't hot...I can't remember the last time I saw a jukebox set-up like this...what a blast from the past! I am having my coffee with chocolate cocoa powder today, and wishing the snow would melt. We had an ice storm last night! 29 days until Spring!

Anonymous said...

I hate to look forward to going out to eat somewhere and then the food is a disappointment. But at least your company was good.
Your moon shots are gorgeous!! It's a difficult subject to execute well, in my opinion.
Thank you for hosting T today, have a good week!!

Halle said...

Nice camera work!! Love the last photo with the bird silhouettes and the moon.
The jukebox on the table is awesome...haven't seen one of those in years. I'd love to take my kids somewhere that had one.
Happy Tuesday!!

Linda said...

Happy T day! Great photos. I still don't know how to use most of the features on my camera. I'm pretty happy just to point and shoot and sometimes am quite happy with a good pic sometimes:) I had no idea there were diners that still have jukeboxes :):) Hope you're not getting more of that "S" stuff like we are.

~*~Patty S said...

Your full moon photos are fabulous E!!! ♥ them so much!

We have a food setting on our camera too but cannot see that it takes pix any differently...

I think that style of jukebox player thingie at the tables is SO much fun...haven't seen one in quite some time.

I always like restaurants that bring plates so hot to the table they have to carry them with a napkin telling you be careful that plate is HOT...I also like hot drinks to be nice and's all in the details isn't it ;)

Trying to catch up with everyone after being away for almost a week...

Happy T Day to ya

Carol said...

You're starting to get the hang of using that new camera :) LOVE! That last moon shot with the birds ♥♥♥♥♥
The rest of the photos are good too.

Monica said...

great photos all round. Food even BB would not touch that.

Hettie said...

Gosh you took some fabulous photos Elizabeth. It was a great moon almost close enough to touch wasn't it?
Ooo! Cold omelette. Not good! If ever you are close, pop in for one of Mr Hettie's omelettes. Bright yellow eggs from our Girls and the best omelettes ever!

Kristin said...

Ohhh, that last photo is just magical~ congrats on your new camera, that is very exciting. Have fun with it!! AND thank you for your sweet comment last week - so sorry I took so long to get back to you - I have been out of town :) xoxo

Myriam Kozik said...

Dr. Elizabeth! :) I just read that you have a phd so I thought I better address you properly.
Hey, I made it to T(ea)-Day and I made a bunch of tea cups for everyone. But I might be a couple shy.
Beautiful moon shots! I am not good with the camera. I just tell my hubby or my daughter what I want and they shoot it for me. Hey, I am a director!
Too bad that your food was cold. I probably would have eaten your hash browns even if they were cold. I LOVE hash browns!

Ariel said...

Elizabeth I love your photos, especially the moon and the bird silhouette one. And of course I always look forward to see your dining experience. Love to read about them.
Have a wonderful week

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Despite not getting a chance to post for T Tuesday yesterday, I had to stop by to see what you were up to.

The photos of the moon are gorgeous! They are so clear and crisp, and made all the more interesting by the birds flying by!

Too bad the food didn't live up to past experiences, but as you said, the conversation was good!